I am delighted to be able to confirm that my son has been invited to join the Business Schools in five of the seven Universities he applied to in the US. He has elected to accept the Carey School of Business at The University of Arizona majoring in Global Politics and doing a minor in International Marketing.

As you know the application process was long and quite complex as each school had its individual requirements in addition to the SAT examination score that confirm his basic scholastic aptitude required by all Universities in the US. They did emphasize that the personal statements summarizing his extracurricular activities and contributions and the two or more essays required by each school played a very significant part in the Admissions Committees ‘decision to accept or reject the applicant.

I am grateful to you for the tutoring you gave in developing a very impactful PowerPoint presentation of his work experience in London. While I recognize that he did work hard during this required period, your help in teaching him how to document this experience in a professional package not only impressed the Admissions Committee but is also taught him something that will be very useful to him in University as he presents his projects in class.

Additionally, the individual tutoring you gave him in proper essay formatting and proper use of grammar improved the quality of his essays and played a role in his high level of success with the Universities.

If I had it to do over again I would have asked you to start the tutoring process with Sean much earlier and if you need my recommendation to any parents of A Level students preparing to apply to University I will be happy to share the value of your contribution.

Again thank you for your help.
Joe Collins