"Karla has an amazing amount of knowledge about the detailed meanings in each and every painting of Frida Khalo's.

The slide show was excellent and presented on a screen that was life size which enabled the finest of details in the paintings to be observed.

I learned about the struggles and pain that Frida underwent and how she lived through her paintings.

Karla's enthusiasm for this artist is outstanding and contagious.

I looked forward to continuing to learn more about the Spanish masters.

Karla's teaching style is all about the detailed knowledge she has of each and every painting.

I highly recommend Karla to anyone who wishes to learn about the /Spanish Masters."

* Virginia den Hartog, Javea


"Karla's lectures are always amazing and today's Artist subject ... the wonderful Remedios Varo. Been thinking about it all day and looking up the web for symbolism...Wow....the lectures are so informative and explicit...Always looking forward to the next!!!!

I am always impressed by Karla's enthusiasm and vast knowledge ... I recommend Karla Darocas's teaching and events always!!" 

* Diana Santiago


"I found the lecture excellent, very informative, and a very moving experience
Karla's teaching style is enthusiasm, passion, knowledgeable.
I would Absolutely recommend Karla"

* Beverley spence Lliber Spain


"Incredible experience...Karla always gives such knowledgeable and perfect insight on the lives and works of these wonderful Artists. The time always flies by!!!!

Great location and always take away a great admiration for each Artist and a true feel of their personal lives/struggles etc.

Karla's knowledge and enthusiasm is how I would describe her teaching style. I absolutely recommend her to others."

* Diana Santiago, Javea


As always at Karla's lectures, I learned a LOT about Frida Kahlo's life, her art work, her problems with her health, her love life (!), and discovered in her paintings how she put her emotional life on canvas.

Karla's teaching style is precise, clear - and, as always, very professional. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone

* Angelika Goette, Jávea


"The lecture on Frida Kahlo was very interesting, informative and well presented. Karla makes the information accessible to all.

Whilst I had read about Frida Kahlo and seen an exhibition of her work at the Tate Gallery in London, I now have a much greater understanding of her work and the symbolism within it.

In addition, I now have a fuller appreciation of how her life had such an impact on her work.

We will certainly attend and look forward to other lectures in the future when we are in Spain and are only sorry to have missed so many in the past.

Karla's teaching style is very easy and she has an accessible manner of delivery. I would recommend her to other in Full!"

* Gladys Pilar Cummings Javea Spain and St Albans UK


Once again Karla had me totally captivated with her moving and inspirational account of the traumatic life and works of Frida Kahlo.

An artist who, whilst I had a some knowledge of prior to this lecture, had no real insight into how tragic and painful her life really was. Tissues were handed out as tears flowed during this session, an indication of how touching this lecture proved to be.

Her teaching style is Inspirational and Passionate. I always recommend Karla to other.

Sue Martin, Pedreguer


"The lecture on Remedios Varo was extremely informative and very well presented in a lively, easy to understand way.

Karla is a great communicator who inspires her audience. Karla's teaching style is casual, lively and packed with information and I would definitely recommend her to others."

Nicola Clark, Javea


"Prior to this lecture, Remedios Varo was an unknown to me but once again Karla worked her magic and brought this amazing woman to life, sharing her incredible experiences, surrealist works and anarchist views, which were very forward thinking for a woman of her time.

Every time I attend one of these lectures I come away feeling so blessed to be part of this lecture group.

Karla's teaching style cover the evaluation of the artists' life and I would absolutely recommend her to others"

Sue Martin, Pedreguer


"We just attended a lecture on Spanish surrealist Remedios Varo and as always Karla was very interesting with an informative presentations.

She always gives comments about artists life with specific emphasis on their paintings, about situations and environment which had influenced their creation in different periods.

Karla's teaching style is very dynamic and interesting, exactly opposite to boring!

We would recommend Karla Darocas teaching and events to others."

Genevieve and David Lawrence, Monte Pedrequer


Karla, thank you so much for the presentation again. I found it revealing, most interesting.

Not only did I get an idea about Remedios Varo's life and works, but also about how visionary and enlightened she was.

Your talks open my eyes more and more each time I hear details about an artist's life. I can understand, and appreciate, her/his work a lot more.

 So, many thanks - you do this job wonderfully!! Besos, Angelika xx