There aren’t many people I would promote or recommend but Karla and Jose are 2 for sure. Check out one of Costa Blanca’s best kept secrets.

Karla and Jose are one helluva team, combining talent and skill with in depth knowledge of just about anything and everything to do with computers and technical ’stuff’.

They are also really nice! Karla also successfully combines ‘arty stuff’ with her technical side and you should check out some of Karla’s work, it’s amazing and of course, utterly unique.

I personally cannot praise them enough for much help with internet, TV and telephone assistance both here at home and in the office, without which I could not run my business. 

Whatever your level of competence, they can support you and I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

They are a lovely couple and a pleasure to know and to work with, as everything is done in an easy to understand and uncomplicated way with complete back up, ongoing education and support. 

It’s unusual to meet such talented people who are also unassuming and lovely with it considering how much knowledge they have between them! 

Check them out and keep a note of their number for future assistance.

Jane Dye - JAVEA