COURSE: Spanish Fine Arts and History

I was very interested by the advertisement on FACEBOOK for a series of lectures on the Spanish Masters and was even more pleased that I attended.

Karla took us on a chronological stroll and sometimes a canter through the life and works of the five Spanish Masters. A lot of time, effort and research had obviously been put into making the lectures flow and in selecting and presenting the best possible slides of the painting to the group.

The classroom environment was perfect for the level of understanding that was required although the AC was a bit fierce!

I learnt a lot without being overwhelmed and was disappointed not to have been able to make the road trip to Toledo and Madrid to see some of the original artworks but hope to make the trip with another group.

Rebecca Kerr


Chris in Madrid studying the Masters
@ the Prado Museum
and the Reina Sofia - Art Galleries
COURSE: Spanish Fine Arts and History

I saw the advert for the course on Facebook and if I’m honest, I was initially more interested in the history of Spain side than in the art as I never really thought of myself as an art lover.

However, thanks to Karla’s excellent (and often wacky!) way of explaining the works and lives of the Spanish masters that so clearly inspire her, I came to appreciate the paintings too.

The course has opened my eyes to a whole new interest, so much so that on a recent trip to Montserrat my partner was quite surprised to hear me exclaiming “Wow! There are some Picasso’s and Dali’s in this museum – we HAVE to go in!!!”

Maybe I should enroll him on the next course!

Thank you, Karla

Christine Irving

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