LECTURE REVIEW - 19th Century Andalusian School of Romanticism Landscapes & Costumbrismo

"I just took a class in Andalusian romantic period paintings. The Andalusian Romantic myth, Yes, I now know why, how and where it started and still exists today. Through the paintings of the 19th century, Karla clearly illustrated this truth. And lo and behold, tourism and tourists (again) helped create this truth. Thanks Karla. Your lecture illustrated the close link between history and painting. I recommend your lectures to everyone!" 

* Jo, Denia


"A fascinating lecture from Karla on Neoclassicism. It is not a genre I had ever really thought about but once you start to see the art, so much of it is familiar. 

As ever with Karla’s lectures, as you are taken on a tour of the art, you also learn about Spanish history and it seemed this art was especially a product of its time.

Neoclassical artists prided themselves on reproducing accurate representations of the people being painted so we got up close and personal with Spanish royalty during a really important time for the country. Also, these artists were amazingly talented when it came to painting the costumes of the day, which especially with the Queens and Princesses, were incredibly beautiful. 

We also got an introduction into Goya and we could see how he straddled this phase as it moved into Romanticism – the subject of the next lecture."

* Chris Wood, Javea


"As we can't travel to Javea at the moment, we went to MNACC, Catalunya National Art Museum in Barcelona, the other day to look at the Baroque galleries. They have been redone and have a lot of paintings on loan from the Thyssen collection from Madrid. I was happy to see many El Greco's, Titian, Tiepolo, Canaletto. Having studied with you, the Zurbarán were particularly amazing. His Saint Francis of Assisi and Crucified Christ were incredible as was the Still life with Vessels. I remembered from your lecture. I kept telling Michael to look at his fabrics!

Anyway hope you are having a good week and see you at the next Neo-classical talk next weekend."

Best wishes