"Wonderful to learn how a series of races such as Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews and Christians became the dominant culture with each lasting for a few centuries. Each having their own style for religious buildings often based on religious mythology, often adapting and extending existing buildings using roman materials. Very interested to hear that Christians did not wash (for some reason) whereas for Arabs and Romans it was an important ritual. Attended presentation because we are planning to visit Toledo. I like Karla's visual aids and relatively small group." 

*Andrew & Michelle Johnson Pedreguer


"Extremely interesting talk - made sense of a lot of the places I had visited in Toledo last year. Clarified and contextualised in Karla's usual enthusiastic and informative way. Karla's talks are always accessible and enjoyable. Can't wait to re-visit Toledo with the deeper understanding of the history of the city and it's buildings gained from this talk. Karla's teaching is enthusiastic and packed with information."

* Nicola Clark, Javea


"Having lived in Javea for a number of years, I wanted to learn about the old town of Javea. I now walk the streets looking up not just eye level. Karla has opened my eyes to the beautiful buildings and history of the lovely town I live in. I have already sent neighbours on the walk, who loved it as much as me. Karla’s treaching is filled with extensive knowledge and passion about Spain. Also she injects humour. Most definitely I would recommend Karla.

* Lisa Wood, Javea


"Today's lecture on Toledo was really good. I went to Madrid last year but today's lecture makes me want to visit Toledo. Mum wants to go with my dad too. Mum gets nervous if she thinks information will be too high Brow!! But we like the way Karla gives the information in normal terms. We find it very light hearted but really interesting."

*Lisa Wood


"I am very keen to learn more about all aspects of this beautiful country that I live in. Karla's inimitable style (which I love) inspires me to look more into the subjects. I have also learnt how to interpret visual details of buildings, paintings, architecture and the historical progress of development through the ages.
Karla's teaching style is so easy to understand and relate to."

* Wendy Loxley


"We did Karla's Javea walk today. She peeled away the skins of the town and took it back to exploring the history of the architecture, religious art and social and economic history. Every stone tells a story. I was swept away by her talk....and because it was SO packed with colourful history and information I would LOVE to hear it again. She has just 5 people in the group....the history and architectural stories come spilling out. The talk was mesmerizing and her stories really came alive .. particularly the expulsion of the Moors. I just wish I had taken some notes. Absolutely fascinating. So lucky to have her doing this with passion. Certainly NOT a standard " Tour".

Thank you Karla. My eyes have been opened."

*Michelle Jacqueline Johnson


"From murder holes, bullet ridden buildings, the pouring of burning oil onto attacking marauders and the Christian Conquest to the economic expansion due to the production of raisins, the attraction of this area to royalty and artists with their palaces and lush courtyards, we set forth with Karla in search of all the clues that still exist.
Our small group strode through the narrow streets searching for these remains of a bygone era like a small army with Karla at our helm. She kept us spellbound with her tales and knowledge.
Wow, what a morning!
Karla has a friendly and casual teaching style. Without a doubt I recommend her to all my friends."

* Sue Martin, Pedreguer