Karla's "Pride and Passion at the Prado" is an enchanting voyage through art and history. The book reveals the untold stories behind the captivating artwork, shedding light on both opulent and tumultuous times.

The narrative skilfully entwines the fates of individuals, highlighting the stark contrasts of their lives. Karla masterfully captures the resilience of Torrijos, buoyed by the encouragement of the Duke of Wellington, only to be tragically undone by a treacherous friend.

The book not only appeals to art enthusiasts but also provides a wealth of historical knowledge, generously peppered with dates that guide us through history's corridors. Karla's prose is a testament to her deep understanding of human nature and the intricate threads that connect the past to the present.

In conclusion, "Pride and Passion at the Prado" is a captivating blend of art and history, offering an informative and engaging read. I eagerly await Karla's next literary endeavour, confident that it will be as enlightening and delightful as this one.

Thank you.