Book Review by Floradiana Santiago

Set on a remote island, "Echoes of an Island" captures the essence of survival, resilience, and community spirit.

Karla's writing shines with authentic dialogue that draws readers into the narrative. The characters are vividly depicted, making their personalities and struggles feel real and relatable.

The story takes a dark turn with a shocking scene that underscores the island's lack of medical facilities, adding urgency and desperation. The pain and suffering are palpable, especially when Elsie is attacked, with Karla’s descriptive prowess making readers almost feel the excruciating pain and panic.

Karla's characters exemplify ingenuity and resourcefulness, emphasizing unity and cooperation in dire circumstances. Her ability to describe settings is exceptional, vividly painting the island's landscapes and environments, from dense jungles to tranquil beaches.

"Echoes of an Island" is a semi-fictional adventure based on real events. It is both thrilling and harrowing, showcasing the indomitable spirit of its characters. Despite intense and sometimes brutal events, the novel is accessible and engaging, keeping the reader hooked from beginning to end.

"Echoes of an Island" is ideal for those seeking a well-described, character-driven adventure.