"Many of Goya's works are well known, and learning why or in what circumstances he painted them was interesting and informative. But what was most interesting for me was his outlook on life around him, his feelings for the absurdity of events happening at the time like the hypocrisy of religion and superstition, nobility, the inquisition.... And his ability of "showing" what was going on - whether it be everyday scenes for tapestries or more political reactions to the French invaders.
Karla is a treasure chest of anecdotes and details which give added interest to her subject. I truly recommend her lectures."

* Josette Jouas, Denia


"Now I am a LOT more knowledgeable about Goya and the history of his time, his life, his painting style and his feelings. Really got to know the man and his work. Two hours flew by as usual. After learning about the various masters I can go into the Prado Museum in Madrid with more confidence and purpose!
Karla has amazng knowledge and her ability to include humour and fascinating titbites, together with her personality makes for a lively and interesting lecture. I would definitely recommend her."

* Ally, Javea


"I can highly recommend this walk, it was amazing to hear and see all about the history and architecture of this unique town that we call home. Karla has an incredible knowledge and passion, thank you so much."

* Christine Louise Dunn, Javea


Thank you Karla for a very informative lecture on Teruel prior to our departure. Karla is a wealth of information and her presentations are well-detailed and well-explained. Having gone to this lecture prior to our visit enabled us to appreciate the beauty, architecture and history of this wonderful city. It makes a huge difference when visiting some of this unique historical cities/towns in Spain having prior knowledge of their history. Thank you Karla for expanding our knowledge.

*Pat & Dennis