photos by Monique Heijboer

"This is an amazing, eye-opening walk through the Old Town! Karla's knowledge is seemingly never-ending, fueled by her love of the arts and Spain itself, which she shares with so much love, enthusiasm and humour! Definitely worth a repeat performance for me! Can’t wait for the next one!"

* Monique Heijboer, Cumbre del Sol


"My friend and I spent a great morning walking the streets of Javea Old Town with Karla. I’ve done the walk before but was really excited to do it again. Karla has a great sense of humour and makes you look at the town in a completely different light. I now walk around looking up and the amazing buildings rather then just in the shop windows. She has so much information to tell that you really could do the walk numerous times and still not learn everything about Javea’s old town history. We then topped off the morning with a lovely lunch! All evening my friend kept saying what a great morning she had and Karla really made the walk interesting.

* Lisa Wood, Javea


"I recently attended Karla's tribute to Valencia city's jewels of architecture class. Coming from France where the "outside" is as beautiful as the "inside", I was wary of Spanish "jewels of architecture". But Karla opened my eyes to the extraordinary richness of Spanish heritage - as always combining history and artistic culture. Of course, I always recommend her teaching."

 * Josette jouas


"Going through paintings, statues and polychromes of Isabella was an excellent way of learning about her life and her reign. History, in general, becomes a little bit clearer with the visuals.
As usual, Karla's knowledge of the subject just flows naturally. Of course I recommend her."
* Josette Jouas, Denia