LECTURE REVIEW - Shocking Social Realism


How did you hear about SpainLifestyle.com and Karla Darocas? *We are friends
What was the name of class or book that you wish to review? *Shocking ideology of women
REVIEW TIPS... what did you learn? was there anything unique that stood out? why did you take the class or read the book? *A revealing series of paintings with academic social realism where I saw shocking scenes indeed. Women sold as slaves, women used to produce babies for rich families, child pornography, social injustice. We talked about nudes and the effect it had and has on men. How paintings were refused because of their themes. How female painters were regarded as less capable of producing art. And how these themes continue in present day society. The chosen paintings became 'alive' because of our discussions. One forgets they are paintings and not photos. Wonderful lecture.
What features did you like about Karla's teaching or writing style? *Her knowledge and social engagement
Would you recommend Karla Darocas teaching and books to others? *Yes
FULL NAME & LOCATION *Trudi van Dorp, Benitachell