BOOK REVIEW - Viva Collection. Volume One

arla Ingleton-Darocas has created a wonderfully complex and informative read on Spanish history with this book. It delves into historical buildings and their inhabitants over the centuries, discussing art, artists, architecture, interior design of different eras of Spanish history, and even the significance of lemons to the Spanish lifestyle. 

Just like her other books, Karla has enhanced her narrative with exquisite photos from her personal collection, making them accessible to all readers. 

Reading this book rekindled my interest in Spanish history and art, and I believe it will evoke the same curiosity in others, compelling them to witness it firsthand. 

I'm truly impressed by the book; Karla's research is impeccable as always. The inclusion of personal details that you won't find in standard history books, such as information about the families of Spanish kings and nobles, the Roman and Muslim influences on Spanish culture, insights into artists and their families, and the connections between historical buildings and their ownership, all make for an extremely intriguing read. This information was entirely new to me, and it adds to the book's allure. 

Overall, I find this to be a marvelous and successful book.

- Gina from Germany