What was the name of class or book that you wish to review? *Historical Jávea walk
REVIEW TIPS... what did you learn? was there anything unique that stood out? why did you take the class or read the book? *We enjoyed a beautiful weather walk in Jávea, October 8th 2021. We wanted to do the walk because my husband and I were curious to find out if we could learn anything new about the history and the old town having been here for 40 years. Well, no disappointment there! We spent most of the afternoon at home going over the very interesting details in history, architecture, art and even streets & chapel that we had never seen or been before in all those years! Absolutely worth the walk and visit to this precious historical centre of a town that we cherish in our hearts.
What features did you like about Karla's teaching or writing style? *Karla cannot stop explaining and answering questions. She is a super enthusiast living encyclopaedia
Would you recommend Karla Darocas teaching and books to others? *yes
FULL NAME & LOCATION *Bruce & Trudi McNeely-van Dorp, Benitachell