My name is Rhonda Stirling 

I worked professionally with Karla  as  Co-Founder of Aficionada Arts and Entertainment Network, Canada, between 1991 and 1994.

Karla was the backbone and creative force behind many diverse projects. These included the design and photography for the cover artwork for several recordings of singer/songwriters and the promotional material produced to accompany them.

Aficionada also published a cookbook with recipes from a diverse range of  musicians including the chart topping Crash Test Dummies and the Barenaked Ladies, and where possible, Karla's photos of the artists were used to accompany the recipes.

At this time Karla had her own dark room. She was working with traditional film and yet experimented with unusual developing techniques. From start to finish she was in control of the whole creative process, turning photographs into artwork became her speciality.

Karla's home became a neighbourhood gallery displaying to the public her creative works as a surrealist painter and photographer.  Her abilities in this line also stretched to traditional photo restoration and hand colouring, all techniques needed before the advances of digital photography and computer manipulation, which now Karla has mastered to boot.

Karla has never been afraid of keeping abreast of new technology and has the ability to foresee trends.

During my time working with Karla she was interviewing performers, (both local and international stars) and writing regular features for Spotlight Magazine, South Western Ontario's Entertainment Guide. Together we were writing and publishing Aficionada Fanzine which was filled with the music and art of the day. To back up her interviews Karla took portrait photographs of the artists to accompany the articles or live concert photos, rather than using the run of the mill photos provided by the agents.

Everything that Karla does has her own creative stamp on it! The artist in her is never suppressed and it is with an in-depth knowledge of art, a passion for life, for creating something unique that speaks to people, that she approaches everything she does. Through her art, whatever form, she will communicate, document, tell stories, transform the mundane, capture the moment...

To this day I have photos taken by Karla hanging on my office wall, and they are out of the ordinary!

After reading the other letters of recommendation I can only confirm 100% the respect shown for Karla and her work. They are the pieces of a jigsaw that inter link. They present a full picture of Karla's professional history and abilities.

Best Wishes,
Rhonda J. Stirling