Writing / Publishing / Photography Testimonial

My name is J. David Miller, and I am a writer and entrepreneur who lives in Southern California. I am the author of eight books, including two bestsellers, and have been CEO of three multi-million-dollar corporations.

I met Karla Ingleton when she was the founder/publisher/editor of SEEN Magazine. Together, we collaborated on that effort for several months. At its zenith, SEEN was read by more than 1 million readers per month, in 23 countries.

I have engaged Karla for her outstanding photography on a number of other occasions. I have seen her work on websites, in magazines and in print, and she is truly gifted. I am currently writing my ninth book, Emily’s Secret Garden, and I will be commissioning Karla for that project, as well.

In the years that I have known Karla, I have found her to not only be extremely talented, but also punctual, entertaining and amazingly resourceful.

I consider her as not just a professional colleague with whom I would trust any literary or photography project, but also a best friend, as well. She is an outstanding addition to any team.

My only regret is that she now lives so far away from me.

Kind regards,

J. David Miller