I have been active in the development of technology companies from New Brunswick for the past 40 years. During that time I have been engaged in writing articles and assisting companies in presenting their best face to investors and customers.

During the past five years I have come to know and work with Ms Karla Darocas in Canada and in her executive management capacity during her assignment in California to assist in the re-positioning of an online e-zine that she was instrumental in creating. During the exposure to the professional accomplishments and achievements of Ms Darocas

I was struck by her integrity and her commitment to deliver her responsibilities under the most challenging of circumstances. Her flair for detail, design and delivery was impressive to me to observe and for others to experience as they recounted to me in subsequent communications.

On several occasions, Ms Darocas was able to create and compose stunning photography, which she displayed professionally as part of the online content. I was also the recipient of several personal photographic galleries displayed online recounting her personal adventures in sightseeing. Her pictures were always evocative and relentlessly well composed as well as colorful. Her pictures tell a three dimensional story with one-dimensional technology using the elements composition of photography.

I am delighted to offer the strongest of accolades for the multi-talents and disciplines of Ms. Darocas in anything that she would undertake. Her strongest talent is in the composition of a photograph combining the elements at hand and the magic of angle and lighting to get that best record of the moment.

If I can be of any further assistance or go into more detail on my delight for the photographic artistry of Ms Darocas then please feel free to contact me directly.

My warmest regards,
David Jonah