I am writing to offer a professional reference of Mrs. Karla Darocas.

As an artist myself, I became acquainted with Mrs. Darocas about three years ago when I was involved with, a magazine for which I did some illustration.

In seeing the other visual content of the magazine, it was apparent that Karla was quite involved in shooting the journalistic photos needed to cover the various stories she wrote for

She has maintained a substantial gallery of travel oriented images, featuring historical and tourist sites from California, Switzerland and Spain.

She has a keen eye for some interesting detail studies of marketplaces, architecture and romantic lakeside settings.

From my experience with her, I know Karla to be a keen and energetic journalist and photographer with an extensive knowledge and understanding of the ‘CYBER WORLD’ we live and operate in.

Her strength in this area is profound and should serve her, and any potential employer very well.

Respectfully herrs,
Paul Livingston