My name is Joe Basanda and I have worked with Karla at DirectVision, a very diversified company.

My working relationship with Karla found her to be honest and refreshing.  She has a level of professionalism unsurpassed.  Her dedication to getting it done is why she has been so successful.

We worked together for approximately a year and in that time she was resilient to getting things done.  She created and published an on-line magazine, “Seen Magazine”, producing or directing it content on a monthly basis, which she eventually sold to DirectVision in America.

In addition to seeing Karla’s photo’s in “Seen”, on the Web, I was fortunate to have Karla’s at my wedding where she was kind enough to photograph parts of my experience and provide them on the Web to share with many of my family and friends.  They were perfect.

Again, I can’t say enough about Karla dedication to her work.  She is a person that can be counted on in the crunch.  She has experience that guides her and honestly that lifts her to a place that is truly refreshing.

If her would like to email me with further questions, please do not hesitate.

Joe Basanda, President
JBP Sales Consultants, LLC