I have known Karla Darocas for more than three years now.  We met through the Women In Business Club, where Karla was organising an educational evening of Natural Health.  It was a very successful evening and I was not only impressed with Karla's enthusiasm for her chosen cause but also with her professionalism throughout the whole evening.  This was to be the start of a long and successful relationship within the Women In Business Club.

The success of this organisation very much depends on the hard work and dedication of Karla, keeping everybody informed and working together as a team to keep the Issue of Domestic Violence very much in the news and giving women in crisis a very much needed lifeline.  Without the skills and knowledge of Karla acting as the organ grinder, sending relevant information out to us daily, this group would not be the success it is today.

Karla introduced another of her skills to us recently with regard to internet video and encouraging people to share their skills and knowledge through the internet.  Being in front of a camera is something that makes me very very nervous and when asked, I was hesitant.

I must say, that Karla was very professional and made me feel at ease immediately.  The whole experience did not interfere with my working day and overall was enjoyable, fun and interesting.  I certainly won't be hesitant next time!

Janet Brownrigg (Lic.Dip.Ac. C.Ac.China)