Hello, My name is Robert Harris, and I am the Co-founder of the European School of Craneosacral Therapy

I hired Karla to help me set up a new web page with videos and slides, and to produce a professional power point presentation.

She has taught me how-to be independent of the existing web page designers and to take back the control of producing my own web page. Karla has also shown me neat ways to produce  video and slide material to enhance the web page and presentations at minimum cost.

Her technology tools and strategies have taught me many shortcuts to saving money and time.

Karla teaching style is professional and oriented towards improving my skills without creating a dependency on her. She is very refreshing in the web page world.

I would recommend Karla as a qualified and knowledgeable freelance educator because she cuts through the jargon and empowers the client.

Robert Harris
European School of Craniosacral Therapy


My name is Debbie Goodchild and I live in Javea.

Karla was recommended to my by a friend. She has taught me how-to create videos, manage photographs, and how-to build websites.

She has taught me some handy technology tools and strategies such as creation, marketing and maintaining a website. Her teaching style is innovative.

She makes me laugh. I would definitely recommend Karla as a qualified and knowledgeable freelance educator.

Debbie Goodchild
KDS Services


My name is Lizzie Clayton and I live in Cumbre del Sol.

I hired Karla, because I joined one of her business courses. She has taught me how-to write a business marketing plan and how-to monitor the grown of my business - and then track the reality back to my business plan.

I am now learning how-to build a website and an online database. She has taught me how to use "web-based" tools and a number of "free" online graphic tools.

Karla has so much information to impart and share. She is calm and encouraging and doesn't shout (like my husband!!). Karla also makes it fun, which is an important part of learning.

I highly recommend Karla as an educator, because of her immense knowledge and her style of teaching.

Lizzie Clayton


Hello, my name is Pauline Harwood and I own a model agency in Javea.

Karla has taught me computer technology and how to organize my computer. She has also taught me Photoshop in depth.

She is very business like and I would recommend her private tuition.

Regards Pauline


Everyone has said so much about Karla Darocas. What can I add to the long list of attributes, skills and talents? I agree with each and every word that has been said.

I have found Karla smart, organized, available, prolific, sensitive, willing and very energetic and what I think that this aspect - is one of her most important characteristics. She has real vision.

However, what I love most about Karla is her incredible courage and immense generosity. I feel that we live in a society dominated by men who for centuries have hung on to knowledge and succeeded in disempowering women throughout the ages. Men have done such an effective job that they have left almost half of their own species in ignorance, as second-class citizens and certainly at a huge disadvantage within the global economic pie. Men and society do this via a well-studied and observed sociological and economical phenomenon, part of which is acquiring and retaining the power and keeping their skills and expertise a close-guarded secret. The consequence of living in a male-centred society and a male-respected environment means that not only do men maintain society’s imbalance, sadly women also uphold the same society’s values and ideas.

As I was saying, the thing I love most about Karla is her generosity and sharing, not part, not segments or fragments, but ALL of her knowledge, expertise, understanding and skills that she has spent many hours researching and learning. And I love her courage. She is not afraid of letting go of that knowledge. She is not worried that by sharing her skills, this may in some way impoverish her. Karla is not terrified of letting others learn. Karla positively encourages, and in fact insists, that other women and I empower ourselves and gain knowledge in the face of a constantly oppressive society.

Additionally she is an excellent teacher and has taught me more in a few brief hours than I could have learnt over months on the internet. Whatever she tells me is backed up with hours of research. She never misleads nor muddles me. She is always helpful between our sessions and she is forward-looking.

She is ingenuous and I thank her and recommend her to anyone who is thinking about having classes. Start now – I wish I had started earlier. She has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, plenty of patience and a whole heap to give.

Tracy Bottomley


I have known Karla since 2001.

When I first met her, she had only recently arrived in Spain and during this period of time, I have seen her start and develop a number of very successful projects.

The truth is, that she is one of these people that always “makes things happen.”  Her enthusiasm for her projects whether they are photography / videography, IT or health-related, women's issues -  are infectious and genuine.

She works in a professional manner and is willing to give of herself freely.

Her support for charities and other good causes is legendary.

Irrelevant of whether her have a current requirement to network with Karla or not, I most sincerely recommend that her make contact with her. Her never know what might happen!!

Kind Regards,

Steve Hall