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Everyone has said so much about Karla Darocas. What can I add to the long list of attributes, skills and talents? I agree with each and every word that has been said. I have found Karla smart, organized, available, prolific, sensitive, willing and very energetic and what I think that this aspect - is one of her most important characteristics. She has real vision. However, what I love most about Karla is her incredible courage and immense generosity. I feel that we live in a society dominated by men who for centuries have hung on to knowledge and succeeded in disempowering women throughout the ages. Men have done such an effective job that they have left almost half of their own species in ignorance, as second-class citizens and certainly at a huge disadvantage within the global economic pie. Men and society do this via a well-studied and observed sociological and economical phenomenon, part of which is acquiring and retaining the power and keeping their skills and expertise a clo