I first met Karla Darocas when I joined WIBC Spain, of which she started and was the Chair.

I live partly in Spain & had set up a millinery business, which had reached a point where it needed a website. Karla worked with me to design & launch. We continue to develop & up-date it.

I have an accountancy practice & a jewellery shop in the UK & need web-sites for these. Karla provides me with the technical support & education that I need with regard to computing matters. Although I am a constant user of computers, I have limited knowledge so she will always be my choice when I am working in this field.



On the recommendation of a friend, I engaged the services of Karla Darocas to obtain advice and help in setting up a website for a business which I was about to start in the UK.

Karla was able to see me promptly. We met in her office. I explained what I thought my business needed and she explained how she could help. I am not IT literate having relied on the IT department of a big company for many years but I found her an exceptionally able and patient teacher.

Karla explained how the web worked. I told her the site name which I thought would be right for my business (legal services for the nuclear industry) and, having checked its availability, she reserved it immediately online. She went on to show me how websites were designed and what the basic requirements were in terms of content.

I went away and prepared the basic content which was a photo of myself and a lot of words.

Shortly after, we met for a second lesson. I had the content with me in electronic form and with her guidance this was re-cast in my presence using the website programme Frontpage, with Karla introducing "buttons", layout, colour etc to give it a really professional look. Karla's teaching approach is ideal because you don't just get a website you also get the skills to alter or indeed create a website.

Thus, armed with the skills needed to play about with the site in its draft format, I did exactly that using my laptop on which Karla had loaded Frontpage and the new draft website.

So on my third visit to Karla, I took the laptop. I knew exactly what I wanted and she was able to put in the final touches, again in my presence and all the time explaining to me what she was doing so that in future I could do it myself.

When I subsequently needed some help, I emailed Karla and within minutes received an intelligent reply. She has also been available on the phone to advise.

Karla charges a very reasonable hourly rate and, given that her total hours were five, I felt that this was a very cost-effective way of creating a website.

Frazer don Carolis
Director, Nuclear Legal Limited
Register House, Nuthurst Gardens, Nantwich CW5 5RS
tel. 07966 031547


"Karla is one of the most warm gifted spirits that I have come across in 40 years of business. Her personal style of candor and helpful support is very refreshing. Her productivity and responsiveness to questions and requests is a delight to deal with. She is great !"

Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Johnny Powers   


"Karla is the energy in energetic and my observation is that she has a passion for visual as well as narrative communication.

I continue to be struck by Karla's endless artistic capability and positive energy as well as stretching her personal resources and time to publish meaningful communication pieces and web vehicles.

Her latest project on the Ning opportunity network for recognizing leaders in their field and highlighting the lessons they have learned equally from their successes and failures is textbook of how Karla finds a way to harness technology, as well as being relevant to her space and time.

Karla is someone who her can count on for any communication(s) project that her may want to undertake. The proof is in the publishing."

David Jonah,
CEO at Jonah & Associates and Owner, Jonah & Associates


"I write this testimonial with many, many thanks to Karla for the marvelous job she has done on my website .. which was a bit of a disaster before she made the wonderful changes to it.  I am extremely pleased with it and have gotten two out of the blue inquiries just today, which I'm sure I would never have received if she hadn't gotten me coming up first on Yahoo. 

Before now, I was somewhat reluctant to send people to my site because it wasn't very good or representative of my work, but I now I take real pleasure in sending them there.  She is great to work with, and seemed to know exactly what my site needed, without me even saying a word!!!!!

It had been some time since we had been in touch and I did not realize she was as skilled at website design as she really is - and I would highly recommend Karla to any and all folks who are looking to have an amazing site built!!!!!   

We've both had some adventures since we first met here in Oshawa, Ontario some years ago and the fact that she can build such a great site from half a world away - speaks for itself." 

Linda Smith,
Folk Artist & Decorative Painter,
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. 


I am very fortunate, to have met Karla. I think she has great teaching skills, because I can turn the lessons immediately into practice without any struggle. 

I will certainly get further lessons in the near future and I can highly recommend her skills to everybody, I know. 

I just wish I could join more of Karla's activities, because she is great fun to be with.

Sabina Farnhill


Many thanks for her wonderful help in doing my webpage. It was really fun working and finishing it on my own. Although I am always a bit short in time and we were working very fast and efficient together. I am now only missing the translation in German - what I will hope to finish it by next weekend.

I am very proud of my work, thanks of her, Karla. Her just have the right kick to handle people and to transmit herr skills - and to an unbelievable favourable price.

Her know how things have to be and I am profiting of her insider knowledge. I am convinced that nowadays we have to be in the net with our business. More and more people do not read anymore newspapers nor listening to radio/TV - just only "see pictures" and do everything over the computer.

Thanks to my new webpage I have nearly every day some inquiries. I dearly do recommend Karla to everybody - she is great.

Nina Hübscher 


I just wanted to drop a note to thank Karla Darocas so much for all of her help and support teaching me all about the principles of PhotoScape and setting up a website.

In the limited time that I spent with her, I felt that I learned a huge amount.  Her own knowledge and expertise were very evident, and it was so reassuring that she was willing to share that so openly with me – and at an extremely competitive hourly rate.

She was very patient with a computer novice and went at a pace to suit my learning.  Her style was very relaxed and friendly, and informative, and she guided me very gently through what was originally a very frightening maze.  She was adaptable and prepared to work to my own agenda, rather than a rigid and overly structured regime. 

I know that my business partners have been extremely impressed with what I have learned and achieved, and I would have no hesitation recommending Karla to anyone!

With best wishes,Ann Mather