I would like to recommend any one who is thinking about or has a business, however small, to invest their time and money in attending the business development course I attended in February 2010.

The course was designed and taught by Karla Darocas and it was aimed specifically at new business start ups. I found the course invaluable, as starting a business is hard enough, but to begin in Spain is very different. Karla taught us all aspects of business development and Spanish hints and tip that were priceless at saving time and effort. The written course work really supported the lectures and encouraged discussions and sharing of our own experiences.

Karla’s style of lecturing is enthusiastic, passionate and inventive. Her enthusiasm is infectious and really she inspired me to go out there and be successful.

After completing the course Karla is always on-hand to encourage, support and help, so you don’t feel left on your own. Since the course, I have given my counselling business a new lease of life and am busier than I have ever been.

Margaret Lewis
Councelling & Coffee