My relationship with Karla is a "long distance" one....and I'm so thrilled that she was recommended to me by a mutual friend.  

Karla saved me a load of money by changing my web hosting account (and running interference for me with that host!).  

She instructed me in clear, precise steps on "self management" of my own blog and web site content! 

 She's a true "techy genius" and I would recommend Karla to anyone who needs an expert in distance learning and web marketing!
Betty Alleyne
Barefoot Buds!
Toronto, Ontario Canada 


Hello, My name is Jill Tyler of Moraira Luxury Villas

I hired Karla because I decided I needed to know a lot more about internet marketing to save having to hire an expert every time my business needed a boost or new strategy.  Someone recommended Karla and I am so pleased I took up the opportunity.

Karla has taught me how-to, not only publish a website, but to make that website interesting and modern and enjoyable. She has taught me that I can actually have the site exactly how I want it.  And most helpfully, how easy it is to change it and add to it as circumstances arise. She has taught me how-to make my own videos with music, and how-to use these videos to market my business - for free.

I love Karla's teaching style because she doesn't have a set format to lessons. She simply sees what comes up, in my quest to advance my business, and then teaches me how-to achieve it.  I really appreciate that I can focus on what I personally need to learn. She helps me to think about how-to expand my business. She makes some excellent suggestions , as she has a fabulous common sense attitude to business and in particular marketing. Her advice is freely given , so its an added & welcome bonus.

I would Absolutely recommend Karla as a qualified and knowledgable freelance educator .

Jill Denise Tyler