Wow, having worked with Karla Darocas on our website over the last couple of years, I have again been amazed by the latest help and assistance Karla has given by helping me to update our website.

What a difference. The new website she put in place is so easy to use and can be updated instantly from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to Karla for making it easy.

Chrissy Dunn on behalf of the Original Charity Shop and Library, Javea


I would just like to express my sincere thanks to Karla Darocas who resolved numerous issues with my website. It had been created by another and I was unable to update myself without additional expense and the time delay of waiting for another to do as requested.

Within hours Karla had me create my own website and taught me how to update it, insert photographs and link it to any eBay items. Whilst both web sites may appear to be similar in design, the difference in the control and operation of them is amazing. Karla’s DIY website is incredibly easy to use and what with her method of teaching, easy to understand.

Karla has an easy going and straight talking approach to teaching, which is refreshing in a world where most IT personnel talk in a manner that is obviously spoken so as to confuse and make us believe they can do the impossible. Whereas Karla breaks down the hype to show you how easy and automated things are now.

The cost of Karla’s tuition has easily been outweighed by the additional expenditure I am not now incurring and the low cost web hosting sites that I would never have found without Karla’s knowledge.

My site now comes up on a Google search first page so again I would just like to say, Thank you Karla, you are a star and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to be like me, In total control of their own website.

Julie Fleckney
Anyas Reborn Angels
Javea, Alicante, Spain.


I want to say thank you so much to Karla Darocas for helping me create my websites.

I love them both and am now loving that I am able to update them by myself. She have made it so simple for me.

I especially love the banners and logos she designed for me. Karla has really captured what I was after.

I would highly recommend Karla Darocas.

Once again, thank you Karla

Ann Martin
Benitatxell, Alicante


As a professional writer I need strong support and advice about marketing my work. Recently I was put in touch with Karla Darocas and she has proved a godsend.

Firstly, she managed to get my domain name moved to a reliable server. The original server tried to make this as complicated and long-winded a process as they could, but Karla persevered through all the frustrations, and I am now very happy with my new provider. I could not have accomplished that on my own.

Karla then vastly improved the image and usability of my website, and helped me to link it with various social and commercial networks to help present my work to a much wider audience. Along the way she taught me a variety of little computing tips which have made my working life much easier. Though I am not very ‘computer literate’ I am confident that with a good tutor like Karla I can learn very much more.

Karla is a very creative and tenacious helper who I would recommend to anyone who needs IT support and positive business advice.

Harry Duffin


Wendy Smith
Owner of The Tool Bar in Moraira
This testimonial for Karla Darocas is a long time coming, mainly delayed by my constant re tweaking of my website and continually coming up with new ideas, new photographs and re-works.

I somehow imagined my website would be complete when I put into writing my sincere thanks to Karla for her help with my knowledge base, confidence and simply giving me the push to actually do it.

However, now I realize that my website will never be finished but always a work in progress. It is a great extension of our shop, which I will always need to clean, re merchandise, update and continually make more customer friendly.

I cannot thank Karla enough for her help that she gave me to move forward with building my own website. She is a fountain of knowledge and I know I shall continually be dipping into her brain for more motivation, knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm. For everything she does, a  big thank you Karla!!
S&W The Tool Bar in Moraira


Chris Duffin
Want to build a website and don't know where to start?

That was me a month ago but not any more. I was lucky enough to know Karla Darocas, who is a fellow member and founder of the Women in Business Club, who took me through the process step by step and the results are fantastic.

Given my techno-phobia, I expected it to be both difficult and beyond me but it wasn't. Karla took me through the process step by step and used words I understood and, although I may not now be an expert, I certainly feel it was explained simply and concisely in terms I understood. It was also great fun doing it.

If you are like I was, get in touch, you may be surprised at what you can do. Check it out on