Wendy Smith
Owner of The Tool Bar in Moraira
This testimonial for Karla Darocas is a long time coming, mainly delayed by my constant re tweaking of my website and continually coming up with new ideas, new photographs and re-works.

I somehow imagined my website would be complete when I put into writing my sincere thanks to Karla for her help with my knowledge base, confidence and simply giving me the push to actually do it.

However, now I realize that my website will never be finished but always a work in progress. It is a great extension of our shop, which I will always need to clean, re merchandise, update and continually make more customer friendly.

I cannot thank Karla enough for her help that she gave me to move forward with building my own website. She is a fountain of knowledge and I know I shall continually be dipping into her brain for more motivation, knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm. For everything she does, a  big thank you Karla!!
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