I have known Karla all her life. She has always been interested in the Visual Arts even as a child. 

She studied fine arts at university and in Spain and became an artist of note. 

Her keen eye for colour and proportion make her a natural for photographing all the beauty that surrounds us.  I am so impressed with how she captures her subjects, especially the ones in nature.

Her composition skills are unsurpassed and she makes sure to find “the story” in all of her photographs.  She also has a way of tweaking pictures to make them look like paintings.

Her colourful photos are always a joy to see, whether they are beautiful vistas or interesting insects in the garden.  Her dogs are favourite subjects as well. 

I would definitely like to take a walking tour with her through one of the many villages in Spain and see and photograph sights as seen through her eyes.

Her course will be guaranteed to be informative and fun!  She has so much knowledge and experience to impart.

Shirley Martin
Streetsville, Ontario


After taking the 'Discover Beauty' course with Karla Darocas, I learned to view photographic subjects from a new perspective.

The classroom theory offered valuable insights into visual techniques such as 'harmony, 'form', 'texture', 'perspective', and 'rhythm and repetition'.

Javea old town has a wealth of fantastic buildings and interesting corners to discover with a camera.

Thoroughly enjoyed this course.

Kathleen Misson


My son Scott set up a slide show on the TV last night of his and Peter´s photos taken on Tuesday night at your PhotoWalk. Wow - I was so impressed.

They took close ups and looked at interesting shapes and colours and unusual angles.

Thank you for showing them how exciting photography can be (and how beautiful Javea is) 

xx Karen Stephens


My ‘Discover Beauty’ photo walk class with Karla Darocas was very exciting.

First of all it was a joy to watch the introductory video with a range of photos accompanied by uplifting music. The multi-media presentation is coordinated with a very clear instruction sheet that includes details about how to discover beauty in a photo, like symmetry, harmony, balanced or with rhythm and repetition, etc.

Then we all walked outside into the beautiful old town of Jávea to actually see and feel these different principles of beauty in the urban landscape.

Karla is an entertaining and grounded teacher who not only points out the lighting and colour of objects but also adds fascinating art-history details about – in this case- Jávea like the story behind the fort-church of San Bartolome.

After the walk, the group gathered at a café for drinks and the students exchanging experiences and results of their photo shoot. This was as educational as the whole evening. After 33 years visiting Jávea with regularity, I saw this enchanting centre in a completely new perspective!

Trudi van Dorp, June 2013.


Karla and cameras go together. I have known Karla for the past 30 years and in all that time Karla has had a camera with her whenever she is out and about - whether it's for fun on holidays or to record a special event. 

Back in the eighties, when I first met Karla, she was writing fashion articles for the Toronto Sun and I was lucky enough to get to tag along for some fun and on photo shoots and see firsthand how she worked. 

As a journalist, she has always taken her own photos to back up her articles. She has always been a complete package covering not only fashion but artists and bands - whatever.

Whether studio portraits or live performance shots she can capture the personality or mood of the moment. Her photos speak.

In the nineties in Waterloo, Canada, Karla used her dark room to create surrealist effects and photo montages the hard way before Photoshop was developed!

Never shy of getting to grips with new technology and mastering it, Karla’s knowledge of photography is bang up to date with years of experience as a working photographer and artist behind her.

These skill and knowledge combined with her passion for life and in depth knowledge of Spanish history and local knowledge should make her photography tours of the Javea region something worth experiencing.

Rhonda Stirling-Jaguer


I have known Karla for over 10 years now and she has impressed me with her creative photography.

She really has an eye for beauty and uses her camera to help all of us see the beauty in the world.

I would recommend her as your photography teacher as she has a fun, interactive and open teaching style.

Steve Hall
Costa de Sol, Spain


I highly recommend Karla's photography workshops. Even with my little compact camera, I learned a lot about how versatile it really is and what happens when I dig down into menus I had rarely touched.

Whatever level you are at or whatever gear you have, Karla will help you get more out of your digital photography.

Definitely give this a go!

Maya Middlemiss
Denia, Alicante


Karla is a truly talented photographer. She combines her background in fine arts with the camera's technology and through the lens wonderful creations are born enabling the viewer to see and appreciate the hidden beauty that is around us.

A flower, an insect and a building come to life as a digital portrait reflecting her passion for photography.

Margaret Den Hartog
Javea, Alicante


I love the photos that Karla Ingleton-Darocas took of me in the past. Some of them I still use since they have a timeless appeal.

She helped document my musical journey, create promotional material and support my career in many ways through media and radio.

We always had a relaxed and creative time together and she was open and ready to share her knowledge and expertise.

- Deanna Knight, Performer
British Columbia, CANADA