Karla and cameras go together. I have known Karla for the past 30 years and in all that time Karla has had a camera with her whenever she is out and about - whether it's for fun on holidays or to record a special event. 

Back in the eighties, when I first met Karla, she was writing fashion articles for the Toronto Sun and I was lucky enough to get to tag along for some fun and on photo shoots and see firsthand how she worked. 

As a journalist, she has always taken her own photos to back up her articles. She has always been a complete package covering not only fashion but artists and bands - whatever.

Whether studio portraits or live performance shots she can capture the personality or mood of the moment. Her photos speak.

In the nineties in Waterloo, Canada, Karla used her dark room to create surrealist effects and photo montages the hard way before Photoshop was developed!

Never shy of getting to grips with new technology and mastering it, Karla’s knowledge of photography is bang up to date with years of experience as a working photographer and artist behind her.

These skill and knowledge combined with her passion for life and in depth knowledge of Spanish history and local knowledge should make her photography tours of the Javea region something worth experiencing.

Rhonda Stirling-Jaguer