I have known Karla all her life. She has always been interested in the Visual Arts even as a child. 

She studied fine arts at university and in Spain and became an artist of note. 

Her keen eye for colour and proportion make her a natural for photographing all the beauty that surrounds us.  I am so impressed with how she captures her subjects, especially the ones in nature.

Her composition skills are unsurpassed and she makes sure to find “the story” in all of her photographs.  She also has a way of tweaking pictures to make them look like paintings.

Her colourful photos are always a joy to see, whether they are beautiful vistas or interesting insects in the garden.  Her dogs are favourite subjects as well. 

I would definitely like to take a walking tour with her through one of the many villages in Spain and see and photograph sights as seen through her eyes.

Her course will be guaranteed to be informative and fun!  She has so much knowledge and experience to impart.

Shirley Martin
Streetsville, Ontario