“I saw an advertisement for Appreciation of Spanish Art in the Round Town News. The course was based on the Spanish Masters including Sorolla, who painted here in Javea. I love visiting art galleries but I had no understanding of how to interpret the paintings.

Karla's classes opened up a whole new way of looking at art. Karla is a enthusiastic teacher and her enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you Karla for making the course so enjoyable.

RE: Madrid & Toledo Trip 2014

Wonderful trip, great experience and good company. Take 7 women who do not know each other but have a shared interest in art and put them on a minibus van to Madrid and the journey is going to be noisy, full of laughter and take no time at all. Karla even provided the nibbles and water.

The walking art tour was informative, quite hectic as Karla ensured that we were kept fully occupied but it was great fun.

Everything was well organised and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves, which we did.”

Maureen Luxton * Javea

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I recently had a great few days in Madrid and Toledo with a lovely group of women. We were enjoying the fine art galleries of Madrid and it was so nice to have everything arranged for us by Karla Darocas.

There was so much packed into each day not just to see paintings but all sorts of other places of interest and interesting historical facts. It really felt like a week worth of events and a great way to get to know Madrid and Toledo.

Karla Darocas, fine arts educator and tour guide was so entertaining and enthusiastic, it was quite contagious. Trudi van Dorp - our van driver - was wonderful as well, keeping the group together with her own injection of energy and fun.

I can't say I that I have done so much and seen so much in such a short space of time for years!

Gaynor Crighton


Having attended Karla’s very informative series of lectures, I was delighted to be able to join the trip to Madrid to see some of the masterpieces “for real".

The trip was so much more than just art.

We had a very comfortable drive up to Madrid and the hotel was in a very central location.

There was lots of walking, lots of museums and enough stops for coffee and cake to keep us all going.

We were fortunate to see two Sorolla exhibitions as well which was amazing.

The return trip via Toledo was very interesting. Lots of different things to see there as well as art .. the marzipan was a bonus!

Thoroughly fun and educational few days away and I would recommend any art lover/city break lover to go.

Thanks Karla and the other ladies for making the experience such a happy one.

Rebecca Kerr
Javea (part-time)


The reason I joined the course was my love of art, although not really knowing anything about it. Also Salvador Dali was included in the list of Masters to be studied so I had no option but to sign up, did I!

The first day was an overview of the course, and already I felt out of my depth, but each week Karla explained things so clearly and in a 'down to earth' manner that I began to appreciate just how amazing these artists were. The paintings really came to life and I feel that in the six weeks of the course I have learned more about art than I have in the whole of my 66 years!

Karla's enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject is outstanding and captured the imagination of the whole class.

Eileen Jackson


Since I met karla I realized she was very knowledgeable in many fields and very professional. She guided me and helped me to design my website  in a very short period of time.

She has always been available to help me out with the website. Her keen artistic eye helped me to create a beautiful website, which I am proud of.
I would definitiley recommend her not only as a web design teacher but also as an artist and photographer.

Lourdes Ferrero


Dear Karla,

I would like to say how very much I enjoyed your talks on Sorolla and El Greco.

I had seen some of the work of Sorolla before and was so delighted to have attended your very interesting lecture on this great Spanish painter. His connection with Javea was of particular interest and you gave us a true illustration of his unusual technique and skill.

The lecture on El Greco was just as amazing . I know little of this painter but you certainly brought him to life in your informative and lively lecture . I look forward to adding to my knowledge of Spanish Masters as I attend other lectures.

Keep up the good work Karla . You are certainly making a great contribution to our cultural life and understanding of Spain.

Lorna Ainsworth

FINE ARTS * SOROLLA * Testimonial from Javea resident

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the Sorolla presentation in Hemeroscopea.

Karla has a great knowledge of both techniques and cultural history.

Sorolla is of great interest to me because I am Javea resident and so I have a local Javea connection.

Best wishes,
Lorna O’Connor

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After seeing an advertisement on the internet promoting a photo walk in Jalon with Karla Darocas, I immediately signed up to go as I am very interested in learning how to take better photos.  

It was a fantastic sunny day and Karla was very friendly and informative. She taught with enthusiasm on how to take photos by looking at the beauty of things around us and applying the principles of harmony, colour, form, texture and lighting, etc.

We first walked through the old town of Jalon taking photos of buildings, churches, ornate objects, etc to name a few.  We then walked on in to the surrounding countryside taking pictures of the beautiful views of the Jalon Valley where we were also able to capture some of the beautiful almond blossom, which Jalon is renowned for.

I would certainly recommend Karla’s photo walks as it is a great way to meet other people and a fun way to learn how to take better photos. 

I feel I received some great photography tips and my photo taking has much improved only after a few short hours.

Shirley Renouf 

Orba, Alicante


I have known and used the private tuition services of Karla Darocas since 2008, when she first helped me set up my web page for the European School of Craniosacral Therapy (www.craneosacral.com).

She did a magnificent job including photos, videos and excellent graphics. Most importantly, unlike other web designers I had worked with before, Karla always explained how to set things up in such a way that I could do things myself afterwards.

Since then she has provided ongoing support both onsite and remote and has guided and encouraged me to take advantage of new technology as it emerges.

This has been essential in these days of rapidly changing telephony and computer software.

I strongly recommend you seek Karla’s help if you are designing a new page or setting up any form or ebusiness. She is a wizard on software and can most time troubleshoot any problems. She also know the Internet intimately, having worked in this industry since its beginnings.

She is extremely patient and no dumb question (and I have many) is always treated with respect.

Compared to other forms of technical support, her charges are very reasonable.

My only reservation in recommending her is she will get too busy to sort out my stuff.

Robert Harris
European School of Craniosacral Therapy


Having seen the Photowalks in Jávea advertised in the past and often considered going, I jumped at the chance to attend one in my own village of Moraira, when it was advertised on Costa Blanca buy and sell. 

Karla had a friendly relaxed style of teaching as we wandered around the village. The focus of the information was less technical than I had expected, concentrating on the beauty elements of the shot. I was amazed at how much my photos improved throughout the morning by employing the principles that Karla taught us.

Karla has a keen interest and background in Spanish art and this knowledge shines through in her approach to photography. I recommend her walks not only in order to learn more about the art of taking photographs, but also as a pleasant way to pass the time.

Anita from Moraira