Photography Training Testimonial

After seeing an advertisement on the internet promoting a photo walk in Jalon with Karla Darocas, I immediately signed up to go as I am very interested in learning how to take better photos.  

It was a fantastic sunny day and Karla was very friendly and informative. She taught with enthusiasm on how to take photos by looking at the beauty of things around us and applying the principles of harmony, colour, form, texture and lighting, etc.

We first walked through the old town of Jalon taking photos of buildings, churches, ornate objects, etc to name a few.  We then walked on in to the surrounding countryside taking pictures of the beautiful views of the Jalon Valley where we were also able to capture some of the beautiful almond blossom, which Jalon is renowned for.

I would certainly recommend Karla’s photo walks as it is a great way to meet other people and a fun way to learn how to take better photos. 

I feel I received some great photography tips and my photo taking has much improved only after a few short hours.

Shirley Renouf 

Orba, Alicante