Great training session and the venue is perfect for a small group.

Karla delivers the training well and has a wealth of knowledge."Educate - Don't sell"

Lovely to meet like minded ladies as well.

Samantha Poole


As I had already attended a one-to-one Business workshop with Karla, I knew any classes with Karla would be worthwhile. But my high expectations were surpassed.

The Training Room was perfect for our group of entrepreneurs.

Karla offers both visuals together with handouts so whatever your learning style she has the ability to create a comfortable learning environment. She teaches from experience and from the heart.

I left the workshop feeling invigorated, now in possession of further tools to market my business.

Debbie Hull


Karla made a great training session today.

She has a wide knowledge about the complicated online marketing world, but she made a great job making it easy to understand with a lot of visual support and funny examples.

Always a pleasure to learn from someone with this special skill to communicate. It is such deep professional media knowledge to a beginner like me.

Thanks Karla, I want to learn more!

Mar Zarco


As always, Karla's Media Marketing course was packed with information and new ideas and concepts.

I may have been an Entrepreneur here for 16 years but there is always something new to learn.

I now need some one-on-one coaching to put an all encompassing package together before I launch my new business!

Lesley Jean Ellis
Jalon / Xalo


I signed up for Karla's Photoscape workshop as it looked a really interesting way to enhance photos and create artistic cards or posters for work.

Karla was really friendly and professional. She talked me through everything that Photoscape can do and then watched and guided as I played around with the software.

The ability to get 'hands-on' during the workshop was so useful with Karla to show me exactly what Photoscape can do and how it can be used.

I would definitely recommend Karla and am already looking out for future workshops which will be useful.

Sarah Farrell


Dear Karla

Thank you for your very interesting talk at the recent Anglo Spanish Assoc. meeting on Sorolla

The presentation was very informative and it was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to see such a wide range of his work about which I knew nothing.

I wish I'd found a seat nearer the front !

John G. Deacon

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To MRS Karla Darocas
22nd September 2015

Dear Karla,

Wow and again wow!

What a wonderfully interesting talk on Sorolla you gave to the Anglo Spanish Association yesterday evening.

Many of us struggle to understand the subtleties of the development of an artist. What you gave us was a lucid, and well illustrated, talk on the progress of his abilities and career. For example I especially remember him being the first to use a white background.

I look forward to hearing more of your talks, lectures and tuitions.

With very best regards Keith Hyde,
Javea, 2015.


Hi Karla,

Thanks for the lecture on Sorolla, and I am sure we will be asking you to return in our next years programme. Everybody I have spoken to since Monday has said how much they enjoyed your lecture. so thank you very much for being so understanding when we had to hurry you towards the end. Your expertise on Sorrolla's life and work was both extensive and fascinating and it was interesting to be shown how his technique changed and grew during his life.

On a personal note, I very much enjoyed our conversations, both before the meeting and afterwards at La Boheme. I look forward to meeting you again, and once more I thank you for the excellent, interesting and informative tour de force.

Yours aye,


David Decker
Anglo Spanish Association Costa Blanca

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