Tech Training Testimonial

How did you hear about Karla Darocas training, workshops or lectures?
* FaceBook.

What did you learn?
* website training, marketing, photography

What features did you feel were beneficial in this training session?
* Karla taught me how to set up and run my website. Without her help, I would have really struggled to get as far as I have. She has shown me how to market/promote my art and encouraged me to advertise when I have felt less than confident about it all. I have learnt some really useful tips about photography which were a mystery to me before and this information will really help me improve my work.

What elements did you like about the teaching style of Karla Darocas?
* encouragement, practice,

Would you recommend her training sessions, workshops or lectures to others?
* absolutely

* Laura Aldridge, Benidoleig