How did you hear about Karla Darocas educational sessions?
* Facebook and contact with Karla

What did you learn?
* I knew very little about Dali but this lecture bought him alive and I learnt so much about his life and his paintings. The symbolism in his paintings.

What features did you feel were beneficial in this educational session?
*       We learnt about the symbolism in his art. The other creative people who influenced him as well and the huge influence and knowledge of Freud's theories until he actually met Freud. We learnt how his paintings reflected what was happening in the world around him from his family to world events.

Looking at his paintings and being able to see and hear from Karla the meanings and why they were painted and constructed as they are - was fascinating.

Karla's knowledge and passion is why her lectures inspire and educate leaving you both informed and wanting more. Thank you Karla for a wonderful morning. Lizzie Clayton

What elements did you like about the teaching style of Karla Darocas? * passion, knowledge and her ability to bring it bang up to date.

Would you recommend her educational sessions, to others?
* yes very strongly.

* Lizzie Clayton - Benitachell