How did you hear about Karla Darocas educational sessions, trips, films and workshops
* Media

What did you learn?
* Artist technique, brush strokes how you interpret what the you are seeing. Understanding how art changed when able to take the canvas outside into natural light.

What features did you feel were beneficial in this event?
* I learnt about the history and context of when a painting was created. Who influenced the artist, the people who commissioned the paintings. The style of painting and the advent of photography alongside new techniques in painting. All learnt alongside a great deal of fun, Karla makes the time and artists come alive with a great knowledge of history. Fantastic trip and I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to broaden their understanding. Thanks Karla and all the ladies who came too as that friendship is very important too.

What elements did you like about the teaching style of Karla Darocas? * Making it fun with so much insight

Would you recommend Karla Darocas teaching and events to others?
* Yes

* Lizzie Clayton