"I have learned so much more about the history behind the buildings and interiors of buildings. Explanations of symbols (like the shell) into present day functioning (Camino de Santiago) is really super. Historical facts of the area in relation to the history of all of Spain were unknown to me. The explanation is so thorough and interesting.

The Toledo area has become so much more alive and explained, I cannot wait to go there again and see the town with new insights and 'new eyes' .

I like the way Karla uses knowledgable wording and her sense of humour makes learning fun.

I would totally recommend Karla and her events to anyone!"

* Trudi, Cumbre del Sol


Following on from Toledo part one, this lecture was a continuation of the history of Toledo and it's beautiful buildings.

We learned how to identify the different styles of architecture by looking at the ornate carvings, festoons and magical fantastic creatures.

We looked at el Greco paintings and also at a number of drawings done at the Romantic era.

It was sad to see the destruction of the Alcazar from bombings in the civil war but amazing to see how it has been restored.

I am really looking forward to joining Karla's trip to Toledo to see all these beautiful historic buildings putting my learnt knowledge into what I am seeing.

Karla mixes art and the history and context of how it is all created.

I highly recommend Karla's teaching and events.

* Lizzie Clayton, Benitachell

TOLEDO PT.1 Antiquity & Medieval

"The lecture started with a brief timeline of the historical cultures of Toledo. This grounding was further developed with useful descriptions of architectural styles and assimilation.

With this knowledge we were then guided through the streets and buildings of Toledo, able to recognise the differing layers of the City as it grew.

The lecture was highly informative and very entertaining.

Karla is fabulously cynical about constructs of power. This made her lecture seem refreshingly contemporary.

I would definitely recommend her to others."

* Katherine M Waters Parcent

TOLEDO, pt.1, 2017 Antiquity & Medieval

"I learned that many of the architectural wonders of Toledo were built by the Romans, Visigoths, Jewish Civilizations, Muslims, and Christians. As each group of people ruled the area the architecture changed accordingly and the buildings were transformed to reflect each groups beliefs.

It is amazing that each subsequent group had the respect for the historical importance of the buildings and built upon it with their own religious convictions rather than destroy the buildings which is often done when it’s not part of their religious beliefs.

I like how Karla always is well prepared and enthusiastic about the information she delivers. 

I would recommend Karla to anyone who would like to gain knowledge of the history of Spain."

* Virginia den Hartog

TOLEDO pt. 1, 2017 Antiquity & Medieval

"I loved the Toledo lecture yesterday. I have been to Toledo but now I can't wait to go again to see the many sites that you pointed out and that I now know a lot more about.

Great to have a lecture encompassing architecture, art and history all in one."

* Christine Wood

TOLEDO pt. 1 , 2017 Antiquity & Medieval

"From the Visigothic and Roman roots of Toledo with its unique cultural legacy of Christian, Arab and Jewish communities living alongside each other to the horseshoe arched mosques and haunting canvases of El Greco, Karla crammed all of this and much more into her enthralling and spellbinding lecture.

Toledo now holds a far greater appeal than ever before, I simply must return to truly explore and appreciate this magnificent medieval city. Wow!

Karla's teaching style is full of  Passion and Knowledge and I "always" recommend her to other.

* Sue Martin, Pedreguer

TOLEDO * pt. 1 * 2017 Antiquity & Medieval

"Where to start? As always Karla shares so much knowledge.

I learnt the range of people's coming into Spain and eventually Toledo including the Romans, Visigoths, Jews and Muslims. This seat of learning also showed how many different cultures could live together in harmony and learn from each other.

I learnt how to understand the different styles of architecture, the more simple style of Rome to Mudejar from the Muslims. This was using materials readily available, clay to make bricks, stones from the fields. The skill to carve and embellish plaster.

I could go on for so much longer, but I can't wait for her next lecture, Toledo part 2.

If you want to learn about Spain and it's history Karla's teaching through art is wonderful. The feature I love about her teaching is her knowledge and passion. I  Highly recommended her lectures."

* Lizzie Clayton. Benitachell


"I very much enjoyed this talk on El Greco. It filled up my mind with amazing art and interesting historical details.

Karla brings colour to life with her unique perspectives and extensive knowledge about art. What features did you like about the teaching style of Karla Darocas? * The feature that I like about her teaching is her unique perspective."

* Kathleen Misson, Moraira.


"I thoroughly enjoyed Karla's most recent lecture on El Greco. She is knowledgable and passionate about the artists she discusses and the times in which they lived, so much so that they come to life before your eyes.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity that Karla gives us and spend a very enjoyable couple of hours."

* Margaret den Hortog, Javea


"Time flies at these lectures and I absolutely love them. I am totally hooked and his one on El Greco was no exception. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I have most certainly caught the bug!

Thanks Karla for bringing a new dimension into my life."

* Sue Martin, Pedreguer


"As always, great. Karla has such detailed knowledge about the artist and her/his work she talks about. It is so interesting for me to hear the background of the piece of art, the details in it, and the life of the artist.

 I am again and again fascinated by the brilliant way of her presentation!! I love everything about Karla's teaching style and I absolutely recommend her to others!"

* Angelika Goette, Jávea


"It's so inspiring to attend Karla's lectures. Even though I had been before to different 'El Greco' lectures of Karlas', she manages to come up with new information, new angles and new background information.

On top of that it is a pleasure to be able to attend such an educational art class on a Sunday morning in the village of Benitachell.

Well prepared, well done and well appreciated!

Karla Darocas has a clear talking style and a sense of humor and I would recommend her teaching and events!"

*Trudi van Dorp, Benitachell


"Karla has an amazing amount of knowledge about the detailed meanings in each and every painting of Frida Khalo's.

The slide show was excellent and presented on a screen that was life size which enabled the finest of details in the paintings to be observed.

I learned about the struggles and pain that Frida underwent and how she lived through her paintings.

Karla's enthusiasm for this artist is outstanding and contagious.

I looked forward to continuing to learn more about the Spanish masters.

Karla's teaching style is all about the detailed knowledge she has of each and every painting.

I highly recommend Karla to anyone who wishes to learn about the /Spanish Masters."

* Virginia den Hartog, Javea


"Karla's lectures are always amazing and today's Artist subject ... the wonderful Remedios Varo. Been thinking about it all day and looking up the web for symbolism...Wow....the lectures are so informative and explicit...Always looking forward to the next!!!!

I am always impressed by Karla's enthusiasm and vast knowledge ... I recommend Karla Darocas's teaching and events always!!" 

* Diana Santiago


"I found the lecture excellent, very informative, and a very moving experience
Karla's teaching style is enthusiasm, passion, knowledgeable.
I would Absolutely recommend Karla"

* Beverley spence Lliber Spain


"Incredible experience...Karla always gives such knowledgeable and perfect insight on the lives and works of these wonderful Artists. The time always flies by!!!!

Great location and always take away a great admiration for each Artist and a true feel of their personal lives/struggles etc.

Karla's knowledge and enthusiasm is how I would describe her teaching style. I absolutely recommend her to others."

* Diana Santiago, Javea


As always at Karla's lectures, I learned a LOT about Frida Kahlo's life, her art work, her problems with her health, her love life (!), and discovered in her paintings how she put her emotional life on canvas.

Karla's teaching style is precise, clear - and, as always, very professional. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone

* Angelika Goette, Jávea


"The lecture on Frida Kahlo was very interesting, informative and well presented. Karla makes the information accessible to all.

Whilst I had read about Frida Kahlo and seen an exhibition of her work at the Tate Gallery in London, I now have a much greater understanding of her work and the symbolism within it.

In addition, I now have a fuller appreciation of how her life had such an impact on her work.

We will certainly attend and look forward to other lectures in the future when we are in Spain and are only sorry to have missed so many in the past.

Karla's teaching style is very easy and she has an accessible manner of delivery. I would recommend her to other in Full!"

* Gladys Pilar Cummings Javea Spain and St Albans UK


Once again Karla had me totally captivated with her moving and inspirational account of the traumatic life and works of Frida Kahlo.

An artist who, whilst I had a some knowledge of prior to this lecture, had no real insight into how tragic and painful her life really was. Tissues were handed out as tears flowed during this session, an indication of how touching this lecture proved to be.

Her teaching style is Inspirational and Passionate. I always recommend Karla to other.

Sue Martin, Pedreguer


"The lecture on Remedios Varo was extremely informative and very well presented in a lively, easy to understand way.

Karla is a great communicator who inspires her audience. Karla's teaching style is casual, lively and packed with information and I would definitely recommend her to others."

Nicola Clark, Javea


"Prior to this lecture, Remedios Varo was an unknown to me but once again Karla worked her magic and brought this amazing woman to life, sharing her incredible experiences, surrealist works and anarchist views, which were very forward thinking for a woman of her time.

Every time I attend one of these lectures I come away feeling so blessed to be part of this lecture group.

Karla's teaching style cover the evaluation of the artists' life and I would absolutely recommend her to others"

Sue Martin, Pedreguer


"We just attended a lecture on Spanish surrealist Remedios Varo and as always Karla was very interesting with an informative presentations.

She always gives comments about artists life with specific emphasis on their paintings, about situations and environment which had influenced their creation in different periods.

Karla's teaching style is very dynamic and interesting, exactly opposite to boring!

We would recommend Karla Darocas teaching and events to others."

Genevieve and David Lawrence, Monte Pedrequer


Karla, thank you so much for the presentation again. I found it revealing, most interesting.

Not only did I get an idea about Remedios Varo's life and works, but also about how visionary and enlightened she was.

Your talks open my eyes more and more each time I hear details about an artist's life. I can understand, and appreciate, her/his work a lot more.

 So, many thanks - you do this job wonderfully!! Besos, Angelika xx


"I have to confess I had never heard of Remedios Varo before I saw some publicity for Karla's lecture but having heard Karla teach before I knew it would be worth going along.

I am so glad I did.

I learnt so much, not just about this fantastic artist but surrealism in general and world events that led to its creation and influence.

 As ever thanks Karla for a great lecture!"

Christine Wood


"I now know I am one of many people to buy a camera without realising that is only the start. I had no clue how to get the best from my Nikkon until I went on one of Karla's creative photography course. An excellent introduction to my camera and what do do with it.

I then followed up with the Karla's Photoscape workshop to know how to use the photographs I had taken and how to improve them (how to remove that annoying plastic bottle in the front I had not seen at the time!)

 I am having so much fun playing with this piece of software now. It sounded complicated but Karla taught it so well it was really easy to follow".

 Highly recommended. Chris Wood


"Absolutely excellent. I was given a lovely camera as a present two years ago but had no idea what to do with all the complex options it came with. So I had hardly used it.

After just a couple of hours on this course I had learnt so much that I am planning trips just to take my camera out. There was lots of personal attention from Karla and loads of ideas of simple things to try that were really effective.

Karla Darocas's teaching style is easy to understand but inspiring. Lots of personal attention in a small group.

I would Absolutely recommend Karla Darocas teaching and events to others and I already have!"

* Christine Wood of Javea


"I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it very helpful and interesting. I found myself absorbing lines, shapes and textures all the way home!!

Also this workshop gave me a greater confidence to play around with the camera. I learned a lot in a short time.

Karla is very informative with a lovely sense of humour which makes it a pleasure to learn from someone who obviously has great knowledge and a great passion for what she does.

Would Definitely recommend Karla Darocas teaching and events to others"

* Laura Donoghue, Javea


"The workshop was very good way to get to know your own camera, what it can do and how to use it in the best way. We learned the basics of photography, about shapes, light, composition and how to take better photographs.

 Karla Darocas' teaching style is very structured but with a good sense of humour

Yes, I would Karla Darocas teaching and events to others!"

* Linda Kristensen, Cumbre del sol


"I have been to Karla's Fine Arts Lectures on Picasso and Dali... Hope some day to attend the one about Sorolla.

The Creative Photography was a very nice experience and of course I learned new things... By meeting other people doing "the same" you always learn something new... Yesterday, I learned from Karla to see the things different... I loved it...

I love the way she sees things and I learn out...

Of course, I would recommend Karla Darocas teaching and events to others"

* Heidi Weiss,  Benissa


"The notes and lecture that Karla started the morning with were most instructive. I have become more familiar with my camera, which was my aim in taking the course. Holding the course at Montgo Verd was an inspired idea - there was no shortage of subjects to photograph.

Karla's teaching style is informal, well planned, thoughtful. I would recommend Karla Darocas."

* Julie Price, Javea


"I learned how much I really didn't know!

Goya, the last of the old Masters and introducer of the moderns. A private man with emotional and health battles culminating in his deafness which introduced an era of his art which showed his despair and bleakness of the world surrounding him whilst at the same time giving a glimmer of the hope waiting patiently in the shadows.

I cannot wait for the second half of this lecture. Karla brings these artists to life with emotional tales that make you both weep and laugh as you live your life with them.

I love the originality and fervour in the teaching style of Karla Darocas?

I would recommend Karla to others, and I do!"

* Sue Martin, Pedreguer


"I learned a lot about Goya and his works. Karla pointed out details in the paintings, the people (buyers, etc.) involved, the historical background. I liked the humour in presenting - just everything!

Karla's teaching style s very clear, detailled and the slide screen presentation is professional.

I Would definitely recommend Karla Darocas teaching and events to others"

* Angelika Goette, Javea


The Goya lecture was about composition and how to read a painting. Besides the clear explanation on the techniques of fine art Karla gave a top rated art history class on Goya and his era in Spain. This background information certainly enriched the understanding of the themes in his paintings. It was a joy and a privilege to assist such a well prepared and also fun presentation. I recommend the lectures of Art Teacher Karla Darocas.

What elements did you like about the teaching style of Karla Darocas?
* Knowledge presented with a sense of humour.

Would you recommend Karla Darocas teaching and events to others?
* of course

* Trudi van Dorp, Cumbre del Sol


"I learned new facts about Picasso life and his interest in modern scientific discoveries. I also appreciated the comments about Picasso paintings in relation with specific artist life situations, explanation how other modern artists, people and in general atmosphere of Paris made impact on his works, how he was influenced by classical and primitive artefacts
Karla Darocas has an easy manner of talking.

- Genevieve & David Lawrence, Monte Pedrequer


"Even if I don't understand the painting form I can understand the emotion. Unfortunately I never received an art education, which means that I've never had the opportuntiy to understand why.... this format, this colour, this blob!. Thankfully, Karla has shown me that isn't necessarliy important as to the why, but more importantly look at the painting and absorb the emotion. I wish when I was at school I had an art teacher like Karla who taught more that just form."

- Helen Baxter

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"This was an excellent and interesting lecture on Picasso, his works and relationships. There was so much that we did not know and so many paintings we had not seen before. The time flew by and just sorry there was not time for questions. We would love to know if/when Karla is giving the Dali lecture. We are only in Spain until the end of February. Sorry to have missed Sorolla!
Karla Darocas was
own to earth, fun and knew and understood her subject.

- Carolyn Martin & Fred Dustin, Moraira

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What did you learn?
* That I know so little!

What features did you feel were beneficial in this event?
* Setting. Interesting people. Very good talk - just not too long!

What elements did you like about the teaching style of Karla Darocas?
* Talk brought out really interesting elements I had not seen before

Would you recommend Karla Darocas teaching and events to others?
* Highly


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"We enjoyed hearing about his early years and the slide show. The significance of Guernica and it being the 80th anniversary.
Karla Darocas teaches with passion
and humour that made it very interesting. I recommend her classes."

- Deborah Woolley, San Vicente del Raspeig


"Once again an emotion filled and perfectly delivered lecture that transported us all back to the turn of the last century where we became part of what truly inspired Picasso.
Karla Darocas shares her ability to draw the student into the true life of the artist."

- Sue Martin

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