TOLEDO PT.1 Antiquity & Medieval

"The lecture started with a brief timeline of the historical cultures of Toledo. This grounding was further developed with useful descriptions of architectural styles and assimilation.

With this knowledge we were then guided through the streets and buildings of Toledo, able to recognise the differing layers of the City as it grew.

The lecture was highly informative and very entertaining.

Karla is fabulously cynical about constructs of power. This made her lecture seem refreshingly contemporary.

I would definitely recommend her to others."

* Katherine M Waters Parcent

TOLEDO, pt.1, 2017 Antiquity & Medieval

"I learned that many of the architectural wonders of Toledo were built by the Romans, Visigoths, Jewish Civilizations, Muslims, and Christians. As each group of people ruled the area the architecture changed accordingly and the buildings were transformed to reflect each groups beliefs.

It is amazing that each subsequent group had the respect for the historical importance of the buildings and built upon it with their own religious convictions rather than destroy the buildings which is often done when it’s not part of their religious beliefs.

I like how Karla always is well prepared and enthusiastic about the information she delivers. 

I would recommend Karla to anyone who would like to gain knowledge of the history of Spain."

* Virginia den Hartog

TOLEDO pt. 1, 2017 Antiquity & Medieval

"I loved the Toledo lecture yesterday. I have been to Toledo but now I can't wait to go again to see the many sites that you pointed out and that I now know a lot more about.

Great to have a lecture encompassing architecture, art and history all in one."

* Christine Wood

TOLEDO pt. 1 , 2017 Antiquity & Medieval

"From the Visigothic and Roman roots of Toledo with its unique cultural legacy of Christian, Arab and Jewish communities living alongside each other to the horseshoe arched mosques and haunting canvases of El Greco, Karla crammed all of this and much more into her enthralling and spellbinding lecture.

Toledo now holds a far greater appeal than ever before, I simply must return to truly explore and appreciate this magnificent medieval city. Wow!

Karla's teaching style is full of  Passion and Knowledge and I "always" recommend her to other.

* Sue Martin, Pedreguer

TOLEDO * pt. 1 * 2017 Antiquity & Medieval

"Where to start? As always Karla shares so much knowledge.

I learnt the range of people's coming into Spain and eventually Toledo including the Romans, Visigoths, Jews and Muslims. This seat of learning also showed how many different cultures could live together in harmony and learn from each other.

I learnt how to understand the different styles of architecture, the more simple style of Rome to Mudejar from the Muslims. This was using materials readily available, clay to make bricks, stones from the fields. The skill to carve and embellish plaster.

I could go on for so much longer, but I can't wait for her next lecture, Toledo part 2.

If you want to learn about Spain and it's history Karla's teaching through art is wonderful. The feature I love about her teaching is her knowledge and passion. I  Highly recommended her lectures."

* Lizzie Clayton. Benitachell


"I very much enjoyed this talk on El Greco. It filled up my mind with amazing art and interesting historical details.

Karla brings colour to life with her unique perspectives and extensive knowledge about art. What features did you like about the teaching style of Karla Darocas? * The feature that I like about her teaching is her unique perspective."

* Kathleen Misson, Moraira.


"I thoroughly enjoyed Karla's most recent lecture on El Greco. She is knowledgable and passionate about the artists she discusses and the times in which they lived, so much so that they come to life before your eyes.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity that Karla gives us and spend a very enjoyable couple of hours."

* Margaret den Hortog, Javea