"Karla's lectures about art, architecture and the history of Toledo was a game changer for me.

I did NOT know one could literally SEE the rich history of the Visigoth, Arabs, Jews and Romans to THIS DAY, hidden in plain sight, IF ONLY one knows what to look for.

Karla made history come to life!!

I now find myself looking MUCH closer at building, churches or even, as here in Calpe, excavation sites. For example, the ruins in Calpe I believed for years to be of Roman origin, I now know they must have been dwellings and "bath" of the Moorish origin,just by the type of building materials they used.

Thank you Karla for enriching my historical understanding of this beautiful country, one lecture at a time! Highly recommended and deeply appreciated!!

Karla's teaching style is informative, interesting, well planned and presented and I heartily recommend her!"

*Christa Terry, Calpe