"Fantastic trip to Toledo organised by Karla. We got to stay in a medieval castle within easy walking distance of the city. Every day we saw a different part of the city and with Karla's help and guidance got to understand the significance of Toledo in Spanish history and culture. Fascinating to see how Toledo brings together in one place Spain's Islamic and Christian heritage. Thank you Karla!
Karla's teaching style is very informal and fun and I absolutely recommend her events and trips!"

* Christine Wood of Javea


"Karla had organised this trip in such great detail it was a true delight to be a part of it.

Our arrival in Toledo was coordinated with other students who were making their own way to our 'Hostel in a Castle' where we all met and hit the ground running.

The itinerary was intensive and varied. The classroom advance lectures we had all attended proved to be utterly invaluable, having prepared us for the visual feast awaiting.

We were all utterly enthralled and captivated by the monuments, monasteries, synagogues, palaces, hospital and artisans workshops that this ancient city has to offer.

I loved every minute of it and made some wonderful friends at the same time.

Karla's teaching style is laid back and utterly charming.

I would recommend Karla's teaching and events in a heartbeat!"

Sue Martin, Pedredguer


"I have always liked Dalí as an artist but knew very little about his background and never understood the messages in his artwork. Karla gave fascinating insights regarding his troubled childhood and inner demons. It made me want to learn more about the man and his art. I like Karla's relaxed teaching style. I always recommend Karla to my friends!!"

* Margaret den Hartog, Javea


"We are a big fan of S D & Karla filled in back ground info. Karla has a very human approach to her teaching style. I certainly would recommend her teaching and events to others."

* Roger & Cheryl - Spain


"We learnt such a lot. Having liked Dali pictures for 40 years it was so interesting to learn a lot of the influences and ideas behind the paintings. Learning about Dali’s personal life and the the reason for some recurring themes was fascinating. Karla has a very nice relaxed, entertaining method of teaching."

 * Judy & Peter Dicken, Benitachell