"I did not know that "Sultana" was actually a brand name invented in Jávea nor did I know what those Christmas shortbread sweets you see in all the shops in December are really made of. These were just two of the fascinating facts about Jávea's history and culture I learnt on Karla's fantastic historical walk of Jávea old town. Buildings I have walked past for years and not really looked at - all had interesting stories to tell. Jávea has been prized as a jewel by different sections of Spain and even different countries for centuries. If you look down at the floor in the tourist office you are actually looking into open graves that are hundreds of years old. It was interesting also hearing about the various wealthy families that had their palaces and businesses in Jávea hundreds of years ago - names that you still hear locally today. The walk finally settled the question of what caused the damage to the outside walls of the church - cannon fire in the 1800's and gunfire from the civil war. If you live in Jávea or are just passing through you really have to go on this walk."

 * Chris Wood, Javea

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