"The lecture about Clotilde, the wife of Sorolla was fascinating. First, the beautiful paintings and portraits with her as a model and the explanations helped to place Sorolla’s work in context with his married life and the era in which his work was done. 

I loved the way Karla explained the way Sorolla worked with the new fashion in those days and photography. How he integrated this new art form into his work. Karla also explains about paint brushe techniques and how Sorolla managed to manifest the different shades of white in dresses, garments, and sheets. When one listens to Karla, her passion helps you to ‘see’ the work of Sorolla with different eyes. I cannot ever get enough of it

The ebook that accompanied the lecture was a must for me. There were so many extra details revealed, for example the death and funeral of Sorolla in Valencia (my goodness, what a story!) and even more lovely photos in full colour. The lecture complements the book (which I consider homework and loved to study it) and all in all it complements the appreciation of Clotilde, who was not just Sorolla’s wife, but also his manager, the mother of his children, his coach and motivator. The person and influence of Clotilde came truly alive after reading the book and listening to the lecture.

I also like the way Karla answers questions, every answer has so much more details. It shows a very well prepared, professional art history teacher. Warmly recommended once again!

Karla's teaching style is full of clear facts, clear sentences, and overall clear communications."

* Trudi van Dorp, Benitachell

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