Sorolla: THE NAKED TRUTH of Academicism, Social Realism & Costumbrismo

"Fascinating lecture by Karla. I almost felt like an insider to the paintings presented, most of which I had not seen before. I became fascinated with the "Costumbrista" era of Sorolla's Spanish paintings. I absolutely loved them. I appreciate the way Karla presents the information. Her knowledge gives you a wonderful perspective and you are grasping for more. I feel fortunate I ran across Karla on the internet, because living in Valencia, I didn't have the opportunity to "attend" her classroom sessions until the Pandemic, when she started on Zoom. In situations like this I always go back to my favorite Haiku: Barn's burnt down -- now, I can see the moon. - Mizuta Masahide Muchas gracias Karla, can't wait for the next one." 

-Mimi Carrera, Valencia city

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