TOLEDO History & architecture in 3 parts

" I recently attended a 3 part class about Toledo, and its history and architecture and its Cathedral.

Why I took this class is difficult to sum up in a few words. Basically, I decided to take the course because I knew Toledo was a special, unique place but did not really know exactly why. I had visited Toledo and yet really knew very little about it. 

The teacher, Karla, led me on a trail of historical adventure through the high points of the city and that really helped put everything into perspective. I think what surprised me the most was the layers and layers of history that she revealed.  

What I found especially interesting was how things were built up and upon by the changing cultures and people in power. There was an incredible wealth required to do that much restoration. It surprised me to discover just how much I had missed on my trip or had looked at with out understanding what I was looking at. 

The course was totally fascinating with just the right balance of information and photos. I particularly like the group chat after when we could clarify any points or express ideas with other course mates and Karla. I am hooked and look forward to taking some other classes! 

I am impressed by the teacher's own passion for the subject and her ability to bring an event from the past back to life with humour so that you get it! 

I would happily recommend taking a class. "

* Rhonda Jager, Switzerland

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