17 c Profane Baroque

"This time the selection of profane paintings by masters such as: José Ribera, Diego Velazquez and Francisco Zurburán impressed me because of the clear Baroque elements like dark backgrounds and the engagement of the persons with the public. Many of the paintings looked like photographs in their stunning details of the human body, scenes in themselves, clothing and hairstyle ( mustaches). New in this lecture was the Still Life slot or 'Naturaleza muerta' in Spanish. 

Karla pointed out the items and it was great that she zoomed in on such details like wine being served, where we could see, if not 'hear and smell' the wine pouring in the cup. Brilliant! We saw the creases in the table cloth, vegetables hanging from a rope in the window pane. All scenes so real and still... Still Life. Absolutely fantastic. 

As always Karla explains and teaches with an endless knowledge of her subjects. The illustrations are well chosen and the whole lecture makes one long for the next visit/excursions to museums like the Prado. Wonderful stuff!"

* Trudi van Dorp - Benitachell