How did you hear about and Karla Darocas? *A friend introduced me many years ago.
What was the name of class or book that you wish to review? *Picasso 
REVIEW TIPS... what did you learn? was there anything unique that stood out? why did you take the class or read the book? *I had always wondered what kind of man Picasso was so when I saw that Karla was doing the lecture I had to signup. We were taken on a very descriptive journey through his childhood to his death. We found out who influenced Picasso and why he changed his styles so many times. Karla showed us how he was a good businessman he gave the people what they wanted. Karla showed us so many images, how she remembers all this knowledge I'll never know. I could hardly wait until the next lecture, I was excited. Now I have more free time I will be attending lots more lectures becoming a regular student.
What features did you like about Karla's teaching or writing style? *Karla made us comfortable and answered our questions.
Would you recommend Karla Darocas teaching and books to others? *Of course, in fact I have done so already.