"Karla guided us around Javea with so much enthusiasm. She loves it when you ask questions. Although I had done this walk a few years ago Karla has found even more knowledge to share. Now when I go into Javea I think this is where all those years ago people fought to save the church and themselves. Even the door knockers' explanations are interesting. You could say Javea is battle scared but that makes for a story or many stories and only by doing the walk, you will hear them from Karla. Things are changing in Javea and not all for the good, some artifacts have been removed. The history in Javea is very important so let's hope it stays that way. Recently Javea town hall announced that there will be a life-size bronze sculpture of Sorolla in a realistic style. I love my hometown even more now. Karla's teaching is full of enthusiasm and a little fun too This walk is a 'must do'!" - Glenys Graham, Javea