"I have always been interested in Frida Kahlo as an artist. I have a couple of paintings of the artist, and I have been adding flowers and adornments to bring out the character of the artist. I didn't know much about her until I attended this lecture.

Karla explains and gives details in a very easy way so you can understand. She makes the artist come to life, you feel as those you are living the moment." - Amanda Jane Rosser


"I discovered an important artist of the surrealist period that I had never heard of before. Dali, Andre Breton... Yes, but not Remedios Varo. How can such an artist, who had followed the same paths (Freud, Jung) not be known better than that? Thanks to Karla's enlightenment, we learned to interpret Varo's inspirations and her personal preoccupations. Karla linked this artist to her times, the context which is so important to understanding an artist's state of mind. I would recommend this lecture and Karla."

- Jo, Denia