"It is always a roller coaster ride of discovery with Karla’s lectures .. from top to bottom!

She draws you in by painting a background, setting the scene, and then her knowledge of Gaudi brings his character to life. Suddenly, here is not just the name, but the real man brought to life. By understanding his place in life, where he lived and worked that brought an understanding as to how his buildings, exteriors and interiors were so unique.

Karla guides you around the details using text and photos, zooming in so you can really see the interesting parts.  Seeing a hand made wrought iron balustrade or designer painted tiles, enables you to really understand what Gaudí creating and how and why. 

Her passion for the topic and appreciation of the architectural skills of Gaudi are contagious and I very much look forward to being further inspired in part two!

Karla's teaching style is informative but relaxed and she takes time to clarify points or terms that might be new."

- Rhonda Jager-Stirling, Switzerland