REVIEW * Lecture * The Terrifying Sublime of Goya

"I knew that Romanticism was not as romantic as we know it today. I knew it more as 'melancholic'. But Goya's Sublime went a step further. His strikingly emotional paintings of his time are depictions of the horrors in life - fires, ship wreaks, kidnappings, bandits, asylums, prisons, death, etc.

I can understand that his imagination took over when he painted what he read in the newspapers. I admit that these paintings are not exactly easy to look at, but the lecture helped me to understand the man and the painter better 

Karla allows us to see more than just a painting. I highly recommend Karla Darocas's classes."

 * jo jouas, denia


Congratulations on your book on Diego Velazquez.
I love your take on his works. That you go inside his head
Love that you go deeper than just a description of the paintings.
Very comprehensive.
I wondered if you would be so candid about the beautiful painting of Mars.
But you did. I was holding my breath a little in anticipation. But you went there!
Didn't hold back.
Strong stuff. 
Well Done.

REVIEW - TALK on GOYA'S Witchcraft

Thank you very much Karla, very interesting...

I must say it is great that your knowledge is so great, that you share all the interesting things, for example the fact that there are paintings by Goya in El Prado that are not actually painted by Goya!

I love your descriptions of the paintings. You always point out things that are important and that could be missed if you just looked at them without guidance.

Your whole talk today would make a fascinating book!

* Diana