We examined in depth the unique and intriguing compositions of Velazquez’s paintings. Looked at the methods and techniques used. Talked about the contextual Spanish history of the period. A truly fascinating lecture. Karla’s enthusiasm for her subject is infectious and leaves you wanting to visit galleries and see the paintings as soon as you can. Karla's teaching style is enthusiastic and easy to understand. I recommend her events.

Nicola Clark, Javea


Another interesting and informative lecture. Outlining his life and working through his paintings, looking at style, use of different elements ie. portraiture, still life, positioning of characters etc. Excellent explanations of many of his works. Karla has a style I find very easy to relate to. She certainly opens my appreciation of the paintings. I definitely recommend her events.

Wendy Loxley, Javea


I am always completely absorbed in what Karla says. I love the way she brings her presentations alive with anecdotes so that we get a feel for the artist as a person. Her teaching style feels very casual and natural but in fact you learn a huge amount. I absolutely recommend her events.

Jane Cobb, Javea


"I learned so much!! I have lived in Jávea for many years, had heard about the famous painter Sorolla, met people who took painting classes about Sorolla's pieces, and saw paintings by him. In Karla's lecture, I learned so many details about Sorolla's life, works, where he lived, and saw the beautiful colours in many of his paintings. What stood out to me was to realise how much Sorolla must have loved Jávea - with all its beautiful beaches, the light, people, and landscapes. Karla's knowledge is huge, and I just love her teaching in every way. I absolutely recommend her!"

* Angelika Goette, Benitachell


"I love the Sorolla paintings and it was nice to hear and to see how much Sorolla painted in the place where we live... We even could recognize some places because you told us Karla. Thanks for this. I enjoyed it!"

* Heidi Weiss Benissa


"We have attended a number of Karla's talks in the past and like to come back for more. We learned about Sorolla's journey from young painter to wealthy exhibitor; his need to paint for the masses to enable funding for more adventurous projects to be funded by the well-healed and nobility; the social consciousness that drove him to use art as a means of communication to enlighten those in the wider world and his wonderful use of light, color and texture. We examined his style comprising a juxtaposition of 'true life' painting within an impressionist nest of light, color and strong brush strokes. The sad end of Sorolla's life was brought into sharp focus at the end of the lecture. What stood out for me was the incredible warmth that this painter imbued in his art and the ways in which he invited participation from the viewer in understanding the messages he was clearly using his art to convey. Karla teaching style is enthusiastic and she is knowledgeable about her topics and clearly very moved by the subjects of her talks. Her studio atmosphere is relaxed and inviting of interjection and comment.Yes, I recommend her."

* Christopher H.A. Bell, B.Sc., M.B.A., M.Sc, Benissa


"Loved it. It was the quickest 2 hrs I've known for a long time. We didn't appreciate before hand how he pushed the boundaries for his time. Karla's teaching style is down to earth & not 'high brow'
I recommend it."

* Helen Ellis, Cumbre del Sol


I have learned lots and lots and lots! Very grateful for all the information and interesting anecdotes you imparted. Lots of lovely images which expanded enormously my knowledge of Sorolla's huge canon of work and his developing techniques. Loads of thanks. Recommended."

* Trevor Colgate, Benidoleig


"I discovered about Sorolla's life and career path. His development as he progressed. Great illustrations of his developing style. Karla speaks in a way which is so expressive and exact in meaning. I find her information so easy to remember as she so pictorial with her words. I absolutely recommend her lectures."

* Wendy Loxley


"I was keen to learn more about Isabella after attending a Javea Walk with Karla. Isabella was linked to the architectural styles of some of the buildings. Karla's lecture was really interesting. She told us about Isabella's life before showing us portraits to explain about the woman herself. I learnt a lot about the history of Spain as well as about the Queen. I have attended many of Karla's lectures - she has a vast knowledge of art that she kindly shares with her students. She makes the lecturers really interesting. I am so impressed that she lectures without notes.Yes, I would definitely recommend her teachings."

* Karen Stephens, Javea


"I learned about the 'Isabelline’ style church being a ‘joya’ and about importance of the expulsion of the mozarabes/moriscos in 1609-1613. I also learned about the important families of JÁVEA like the ship owners and the difference between a palace and mansion style house with or without ‘patio’ and direct sunlight. I learned about Roman fundamentos, Franco’s removed coat of arms at the patio Loreto, painters, Sorolla, and so much more!
Karla's teaching style is all about knowledge, dedication, and Energy! I would definitely recommend her teaching."

Ellen M.Stijn


"Karla has a knack of grabbing your attention from the off. This lecture on Isabella was no different. Delivered with a rich tapestry of anecdotes and knowledge that comes with a wealth of experience. Without realising it, I found that I was soaking up history like it was blotting paper. Much more interesting than my school lessons. Karla's teaching style is Informative and fun. "

 Well done Karla.
 Helen Baxter - Benitachell


So much enjoyed this presentation about Queen Isabella with a new theme: one historic figure illustrated and coming 'alive' by paintings, architecture, revivals and stories, stories, stories from current research and traditional history books. Brilliant. Fascinating and, as always, most pleasantly presented by Karla, who has a unique style of teaching. She is a down to earth presenter and a walking encyclopedia.

***** Trudi van Dorp, Benitachell


"I have lived in Javea for many years but did not know much about the history of the town. Karla brought the past to life and linked the history to art and architecture of the times. I will now revisit the places we visited during the walk, particularly the museum, to learn even more. Karla is really good at explaining history and making it interesting."

Thank you Karla,
Karen Stephens, Javea


"The walk opened my eyes to look in depth at many buildings I walk past all the time. The talk was absolutely fascinating and highly detailed. Karla communicates in a friendly and accessible manner; answering questions in an enthusiastic way that demonstrates her depth of knowledge and willingness to share her knowledge and encourage interest to those with her. Karla's teaching method is friendly and easy to understand. I recommend her lectures and walks."

Nicky Clark - Javea


"I learned about the history of the major buildings in the old town. I have been on similar walks in the past but I felt this was more informative and spontaneous. I like the way Karla uses modern phrases that are succinct with their meaning. I would certainly recommend her teaching."

 ***Wendy Loxley, Javea


"We had a very enjoyable morning with Karla wandering the streets of the pueblo that we have walked many times before, but this time with fresh eyes and ears. We learnt so much on our walk, about Valencian Gothic, including Isabelline architecture. We also learnt about the three great periods of prosperity in Javea. Each period contributing to the architecture that surrounds us in Javea, the reason why Javea is considered to be an architectural gem.. the use of tosca stone, unique to this area.... and why a raisin or pasa , became known as a sultana!

We love Karla’s art lectures and now we love the walks as well. Karla has an inimitable teaching style that raises smiles at the same time as educating. I would definitely recommend her teachings. " 

Gladys and Ian Cummings


"I learned many interesting facts about the life of Javea - the importance of raisins etc in the wealth of this town. The difference between palaces & mansions, use of tosca, Franco’s memorial & more. Karla's style of teaching is knowledgeable & enthusiastic. I would recommend it"

Jo Connell, Moraira


"I learned about the origins of the building that is now the covered market and more about the 'Franco' memorial and the Bolufer and Arnauda mansions plus loads more. I had always wondered why the churches in American cowboy films looked like those in our small Spanish village and now I know why! Karla has a relaxed approach to her teaching with plenty of interesting facts. I definitely recommend her classes."

 James Ward in Javea


"I learned a lot about architecture in the Old Town of Jávea. I have lived here now for 13 years and have discovered a lot of treasures over time, however, Karla's tour opened my eyes even more to historical details and the beautiful architecture (e.g. the church, the market hall, and the numerous mansions and palaces with an inner courtyards). What a 'rich' place we live in. I appreciate Karla's huge knowledge about art and architecture as well as her ability to draw attention to details. I absolutely recommend her teaching."

 Karla - thank you for this wonderful tour!
 Angelika Goette, Jávea


"Being new to the area, Karla is opening up a whole new culture for me. I feel I'll be "more at home", more comfortable with my Spanish surroundings. She's so natural with her knowledge. She's a pleasure to listen to. I definitely recommend her"

 Josette Jouas, Denia


"Karla has an encyclopedic knowledge and accessible style of presentation. She makes the techniques of photography easy to understand. Very interesting lecture with inspirational examples of photographic styles/works. Her teaching style is relaxed, informative and fun. I would recommend Karla to learn photography."

Nicola Clark - Javea


Another great lecture, Karla - thank you! I learned a lot AGAIN - and I never want to stop learning. Your immense knowledge about art and architecture in Spain is unbelievable. I cannot wait to hear the second lecture about this subject, and have even booked the day trip to Valencia for 28.04.18. Looking forward to that!

Lots of love, Angelika


"It was another fabulous lecture Karla...we learnt so much about Sorolla and his work through your inimitable and very accessible style of lecture. I can’t wait to see more of his paintings and also look forward to hearing more from you in the future on other artists...thank you... "

 * Gladys Cummings


"I learned about a painter that I had no knowledge of, from his formative years right through to his death, through the styles and painters that influenced him as his work developed. The paintings were the star of the show. Very inspiring work, especially his use and rendering of light. Beautiful.

I enjoyed Karla's informality and organisation and I would recommend her to friend."

* Debra Cazalet, Pego


"Fantastic trip to Toledo organised by Karla. We got to stay in a medieval castle within easy walking distance of the city. Every day we saw a different part of the city and with Karla's help and guidance got to understand the significance of Toledo in Spanish history and culture. Fascinating to see how Toledo brings together in one place Spain's Islamic and Christian heritage. Thank you Karla!
Karla's teaching style is very informal and fun and I absolutely recommend her events and trips!"

* Christine Wood of Javea


"Karla had organised this trip in such great detail it was a true delight to be a part of it.

Our arrival in Toledo was coordinated with other students who were making their own way to our 'Hostel in a Castle' where we all met and hit the ground running.

The itinerary was intensive and varied. The classroom advance lectures we had all attended proved to be utterly invaluable, having prepared us for the visual feast awaiting.

We were all utterly enthralled and captivated by the monuments, monasteries, synagogues, palaces, hospital and artisans workshops that this ancient city has to offer.

I loved every minute of it and made some wonderful friends at the same time.

Karla's teaching style is laid back and utterly charming.

I would recommend Karla's teaching and events in a heartbeat!"

Sue Martin, Pedredguer


"I have always liked Dalí as an artist but knew very little about his background and never understood the messages in his artwork. Karla gave fascinating insights regarding his troubled childhood and inner demons. It made me want to learn more about the man and his art. I like Karla's relaxed teaching style. I always recommend Karla to my friends!!"

* Margaret den Hartog, Javea


"We are a big fan of S D & Karla filled in back ground info. Karla has a very human approach to her teaching style. I certainly would recommend her teaching and events to others."

* Roger & Cheryl - Spain


"We learnt such a lot. Having liked Dali pictures for 40 years it was so interesting to learn a lot of the influences and ideas behind the paintings. Learning about Dali’s personal life and the the reason for some recurring themes was fascinating. Karla has a very nice relaxed, entertaining method of teaching."

 * Judy & Peter Dicken, Benitachell


I learned a bit of everything from the general trends of art at that time in Spain (1600s), to the use of colour & light, & everything in between.

I particularly liked how history & politics of the times can be shown to be a big feature of the composition of the picture.

I also learned more about the Spanish Royal lineage of the Habsburgs & the place of Royal women as mere pawns.

Karla Darocas made a subject I have little knowledge of into an absorbing 2 hours of easy listening & learning. I would definitely recommend Karla

* Linda Stephen-martin, Benitachell (part-time)


"As part of this programme, some of our group will be visiting Toledo shortly. This lecture series was invaluable in preparing us for the visual feast of this former capital of the Spanish Empire.

Karla captured the essence and soul of Toledo with its rich abundance of architecture ranging from Romanesque and Mudejar to Gothic and Renaissance. This rich tapestry that has created Toledo over the centuries as described by Karla kept us mesmerised throughout."

*Sue Martin, Pedreguer


"Karla's lectures about art, architecture and the history of Toledo was a game changer for me.

I did NOT know one could literally SEE the rich history of the Visigoth, Arabs, Jews and Romans to THIS DAY, hidden in plain sight, IF ONLY one knows what to look for.

Karla made history come to life!!

I now find myself looking MUCH closer at building, churches or even, as here in Calpe, excavation sites. For example, the ruins in Calpe I believed for years to be of Roman origin, I now know they must have been dwellings and "bath" of the Moorish origin,just by the type of building materials they used.

Thank you Karla for enriching my historical understanding of this beautiful country, one lecture at a time! Highly recommended and deeply appreciated!!

Karla's teaching style is informative, interesting, well planned and presented and I heartily recommend her!"

*Christa Terry, Calpe


"We learnt about Diego Velazquez and how his work progressed and developed during his lifetime.

We also learnt how his work was influenced by the politics, religion and culture of the time.

In addition, Karla incorporated a complete history of the reign of Philip IV, the rise and fall of the Hapsburgs in Spain.

We both like Karla's teaching style of delivery. She is very matter-of-fact and tells it like it is with a bit of humour thrown in.

We would definitely encourage others to attend her presentations and other events."

Gladys and Ian Cummings. Javea and UK


"I saw an article in the freebee newspaper, the Weekender, called "The artist and the royal" so I attended the presentation which was on Diego Velazquez and the Habsburgs.

Having followed adult education in History of Art, civil and religious architecture, history of Brittany (France) from the settlement of the Welsh and Irish, through the middle ages.... in France, I am an enthusiast of learning culture.

Now that I am in Spain, I have found a person, Karla Darocas, who is also enthusiastic, and knows how to transmit her knowledge of Spanish culture.

I learned a lot about Velazquez, but also how Monet and other impressionists were influenced by Velazquez (Le joueur de flute).

Karla Darocas has a very natural teaching style, ease, language, comments and I would recommed her to other."

* Josette Jouas, Denia


"I found an advert through Facebook's Javea Connect for a lecture on Toledo and its architecture, art and history. Karla's lecture was not only interesting but highly informative and entertaining due to her immense knowledge of the subject.

She was very relaxed and the depth of her knowledge brought the lecture to life!!

I would absolutely recommend Karla to other!!"

Diana Santiago, Javea


"So many techniques including learning how to compose the perfect picture, positioning and taking the picture at the right angle. Karla was very knowledgeable and she made it a nice informative way to spend a morning.

Karla's teaching style is easy going and she VERY patient. I would definitely recommend her to other."

Vivienne Olver, Javea